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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Glider




The first major update of Sons of the Forest has added new content in the game in which players can get new handy tools and find more story events to uncover the characters. As the island is pretty big and there is no proper vehicle to travel quickly on the island, developers have added a glider that will be able to take players to every corner from the mountain.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Glider in Sons of the Forest.

Glider Location

The new travelling item, Glider can be found in the open world. Meaning, players will not have to get any other item in order to get the Glider. To get the Glider, players will have to climb the Snowy Mountain in the middle of the island and go to its Western side.

Glider's Location

To know exactly which side you want to go, you need to go towards the cave in which you find the Shovel. Now, slowly go along the cliffside to see the Glider on one of the Cliffsides.

Getting the Glider

If you are finding it difficult to reach the Glider Spot then we recommend you to start climbing the snowy mountain from the river near the Shovel Cave. Go along the river and then start going up on the snowy mountain. Now, start going towards the right side and keep going up to reach the Cliffside.

Soon, you will reach a spot where you will see a couple of Orange Tents. Once you are at the Tents, go to the cliffside and you will see the Glider placed at the edge. You can use it by interacting with it and then running off the cliffside. Make sure to jump while launching and then let the jump go to start flying.

You will be able to fly to the end of the island without falling down. However, you cannot store the Glider so, you will have to keep the track of the Glider where you left it.  

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