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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Binoculars




Sons of the Forest first major update is live now and they have added a bit of new content to the story along with the new items. Players will be able to start from their save file and search for the new items and find new story content. One of the new items that is added to the game is Binoculars that can be used to see clearly from a far distance.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest.

Binoculars Location

The new item Binoculars is a World Spawn item and all of the players can get it by simply going to its location. Meaning, players will not have to get any other item in order to get the Binoculars. Once you have loaded into your game, you need to make your way to the Northwest side of the map. You need to go along the coast on the Northwest side of the island.

Binoculars Location

While walking on the Coast, you will see a red Canoe on the beach. You will find the Binoculars on the front of Canoe. It is close to the GPS Tracker from where you find the Shotgun so, it is not that hard to find.

Getting Binoculars 

Once you have reached the location, go to the Canoe and interact with the Binoculars placed on the Canoe to pick them up. You can use Binoculars by pressing the Left Click. There is only a single zoom and you cannot toggle between the Zoom but still it is pretty useful to locate enemy camps from a distance or higher grounds.

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