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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Blindfolded Boy (Final Boss)



Blindfolded Boy

After defeating Yu Ji and his Demonic Qi, you will get your first ally back named “Blindfolded Boy”. You will have to go through the cutscene and you will get back to the village where you started the game. You will find Blindfolded Boy missing and you will have to go to the exact same spot where you fought the very first boss of the game. By reaching there, you will get to encounter Blindfolded Boy in a boss fight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Blindfolded Boy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

The final boss fight is similar to Yu Ji and Embodiment of Demonic Qi so, you can use your lastly equipped equipment at this fight. You need to use the weapon with the high deflect difficulty to deflect all the attacks and Critical Blows of Blindfolded Boy.

Use Flame Weapon and Lightning Weapon as your spell to deal more damage with your weapon and you can use Zhuque Divine Beast to deal more fire elemental damage.

Defeating Blindfolded Boy

You would already have defeated Yu Ji and Embodiment of Demonic Qi at this point and all the attacks of Blindfolded Boy is similar to Yu Ji. It is because Yu Ji soul is still inside the Blindfolded Boy and you will have to fight Yu Ji the last time to completely destroy him.

In this fight, he will also use all of the elemental spells and you need to avoid them by moving out of the AOE areas. However, you need to focus on the strike attacks of Blindfolded Boy. You need to deflect or block the sword attacks. He will fly up in the air and strike sword on your position. You can block all of the swords and when he aggresses towards you, you can deflect it to decrease his Spirit Gauge.

You need focus more on the Critical Blows and his Critical Blows are same as the one in the main Yu Ji fight. Her will do the Grab Critical Blow, Swing Slash Critical Blow, and the Energy Ball Critical Blow. You will have to deflect all of them to break his posture to land the Fatal Strike to deal maximum amount of damage.

Defeating Blindfolded Boy

This boss fight would be very simple and predictable for you because you already have beaten Yu Ji two times and the third time is also not difficult. You just have to focus on blocking and deflecting his attacks to make an opening for yourself to land the Fatal Strikes to defeat him for once and for all.

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