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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Liu Bei



Liu Bei

Liu Bei is one of your allies but he will get caught by Yuan Shao, who has started the war against different houses. Players will team up with Yunchang and Yide, the brothers of Liu Bei to find him. Liu Bei will get turned into a demon form by Yuan Shao and players will get to fight him in the main mission named “Behold the Glaive of Righteousness”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Liu Bei in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

Liu Bei is a dragon demon who deals lightning damage during the fight. In order to overcome the lightning damage, you will have to use Metal Spells which are poison spells. You can use Venom Snare and Toxin Weapon as your spells for this fight. Both of them will let you deal poison damage over time to Liu Bei.

For weapons, you can use the Dual Swords as they will let you break his Posture more quickly with the combo attacks. You can also use Spear or Dual Halberds for this fight. You can use Zhuque as your Divine Beast to also deal fire damage to Liu Bei.

Defeating Liu Bei

Liu Bei will fly most of the time in the fight and cast lightning orbs in the fighting area. One of his early attacks is that he will throw two lightning orbs in the arena that will generate lightning circles. You will have to jump over them in order to avoid the lightning damage or you can simply use the Poison spell in front of you to counter the lightning.

Liu Bei uses Dual Swords and he will do a full combo on you. You can block it but eventually, it will break your posture and will leave you open to the next attack. So, try to dodge it by moving away or if you have mastered the deflection of attacks then you can deflect each hit of the combo and it will ultimately break the posture of Liu Bei which will give you an opening to do the Fatal Strike on him.

Liu Bei has three Critical Blows that you need to look out for in the fight. One of the Critical Blows is a Lightning AOE attack so, you cannot deflect it. However, you can avoid it by moving away from the lightning area. You will see Liu Bei goes red before he unleashes a lightning attack. Another Critical Blow that Liu Bei does is when he goes red and swings in the air and tries to attack with his tail. You will see his tail going red as well and as soon as he comes down, you need to deflect it to decrease his Spirit Gauge.

The last Critical Blow of Liu Bei is projectile slashes. He will send two slash projectiles while in the air and you will have to deflect both of them to send them back to Liu Bei. It will break his Posture and will give you the opportunity to land the Fatal Strike.

defeating liu bei

During the fight, you will have to use your Metal Spells to stop the Lightning attacks on the floor and then use your Divine Dragon when he comes down. Try to avoid the combo and hit him with your Toxin Weapon spell to deal more damage. You will be able to defeat him by breaking his posture 2-3 times.

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