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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Embodiment of Demonic Qi



Embodiment of Demonic Qi

Once players have defeated Yu Ji, he will offer his life to be reborn and will become Embodiment of Demonic Qi. You will get to fight the Embodiment of Demonic Qi right after you have defeated Yu Ji. You can say that it is the second phase of Yu Ji but it is also the longest fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Embodiment of Demonic Qi in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

You can use Flame Weapon and Zhuque Divine Beast for this fight and use them after deflecting dragon’s attacks to deal over time damage to him. For the weapon, you can go with the one you have made your build with. You can use spears, hammer, or even Dual Swords. All of them will work fine if they are upgraded enough to take Embodiment of Demonic Qi down.

Defeating Embodiment of Demonic Qi

Embodiment of Demonic Qi will use all of the elemental attacks just like in the previous phase but on a larger scale. He will cast lightning that will follow you around on the arena for a couple of seconds. The poison bubbles will also follow your footsteps so, you will have to keep moving in order to avoid the damage. The ground spikes will also grow larger and you will have to stay away from the shaky ground to avoid the damage.

You will have to focus on these element attacks to not get affected by them. If you do then it can make your fight a bit difficult because you will start to get more damage over time. After figuring out these attacks, you will have to focus on his two normal attacks that he will do in the fight. The first one is the sword attack where he summons five swords and swings them five times. You will have to deflect this attack in order to decrease his Spirit Gauge more quickly.

The other attack that you need to dodge is the ground attack, the dragon will come on the ground by sliding. You need to dodge it by moving away from its slide. You can also deflect it by pressing the deflect button but it is harder to time it right.

The main attacks that you need to focus on are the Critical Blows. Embodiment of Demonic Qi has 5 different Critical Blows that he will use throughout the fight. As you deplete his HP, he will begin to use these Critical Blows in random order. The very first Critical Blow that you need to look out for is the energy ball. It is same as the one in the first phase. You need to deflect it when the energy ball gets close to you to send it back to Embodiment of Demonic Qi.

Another Critical Blow is dragon’s grab where the dragon will come close to you and try to grab you with its mouth. You need to deflect it whenever the dragon gets close. If you get caught by it, your run might be over so, try to deflect it as much as you can. Another Critical Blow is the dragon wing slash where he slashes his wing on the ground. You need to deflect it when you see the dragon getting close to the ground.

Defeating Embodiment of Demonic Qi

The last two Critical Blows are the ones with the Tail. Dragon will strike with its tail in two different ways. The one is where he will strike its tail into the ground and follow it up to your position. You need to deflect it before it hits you. The other tail attack is very quick because the dragon will quickly strike its tail on your position. You need to keep your eyes on the dragon and whenever it turns around and grows red, you need to deflect the attack.

By dodging, blocking, and deflecting the attacks, you will be able to decrease the Spirit Gauge of Embodiment of Demonic Qi several times throughout the fight. Every time you break the posture of Demonic Qi, you need to go towards the head where Yu Ji is and hit him with your Fatal Strike. By doing this, you will deal massive damage and be able to defeat Embodiment of Demonic Qi/Yu Ji.

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