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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Yu Ji



Yu Ji

Yu Ji is the main villain protagonist of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and players will get to encounter him in the main mission “Decisive Battle for Guandu” of the game. Players will get to encounter Yu Ji right after they have defeated Yuan Shao. Yu Ji has multiple phases in the end-game but the very first time that you will get to fight him is in his true form.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Yu Ji in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

You can use Flame Weapon and Zhuque Divine Beast for this fight and use them after deflecting Yu Ji’s attacks to deal over time damage to him. For the weapon, you can go with the one you have made your build with. You can use spears, hammer, or even Dual Swords. All of them will work fine if they are upgraded enough to take Yu Ji down.

Defeating Yu Ji

Yu Ji will use all kinds of elemental spells in the fight. He will shoot ice spikes on you that can be blocked as well as deflect. He will rise spikes from the ground and only way to avoid is by moving far from the shaky ground. He will strike lightning in a straight pattern that can be deflected. He will also summon poison bubbles on the ground so be careful for that and try not to step on it. He can also use the fire balls that will explode when you get near them.

You can deflect a couple of elemental spells but for the most of them, you will have to dodge them. For the attacks, he will summon swords and unleash them on you. Block the swords to avoid the damage. He will also strike with his sword by swinging as well as rushing. You can deflect all of his strikes by timing them right.

You need to deflect his Critical Blows attacks to decrease his Spirit Gauge to break his Posture. He has three Critical Blows that you need to deflect perfectly in order to break his posture. One of his Critical Blows is charged energy ball. He will fly up and charge up an energy ball. When he throws the ball toward you, you need to deflect it to throw it back at him.

Another Critical Blow of him is when he will charge towards you while twisting in the air with his sword. As soon as he gets close to you, deflect the attack to decrease his Spirit Gauge. The Last Critical Blow of his when he charges his hand and rushes toward you. You need to deflect it as soon as he rushes toward you. By deflecting his Critical Blows, you will break his Posture and you will get the chance to land your Fatal Strike at him.

defeating yu ji

You need to dodge and deflect his attacks as well as hit him with your Flame Weapon to deal more damage. It will decrease his Spirit Gauge more quickly and you will be able to defeat him by breaking his posture a couple of times.

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