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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Dong Zhou



Dong Zhou

Dong Zhou is one of the main bosses in the game and he will hold the Elixir after you have defeated Zhang Rang. Players will have to progress further ahead by defeating the main bosses and after defeating Sun Jian, you will go after Dong Zhou who resides in Meiwu Fort. You will fight Dong Zhou in the main mission named “Tyrant’s Final Banquet” which also takes place in Meiwu Fort.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Defeat Dong Zhou in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

Dong Zhou will be using a Halberd as his weapon and will strike 2/3 hit combos with it. The best way to deflect this combo along with other attacks, you can use Dual Swords or Spear that has a high Deflect Difficulty. You can also use Fire and Water Spells on Dong Zhou during the fight to deal elemental damage.

You can use Zhuque Divine Beast against Dong Zhou to deal fire elemental damage to him as well as put your weapon on fire for more damage.

Defeating Dong Zhou

Dong Zhou can start his attacks either by throwing knives or doing a 2/3 hit combo with Halberd. You can deflect both of these attacks with your Dual Swords. Deflecting his attacks will decrease his Spirit Gauge which will help you break his Posture for Fatal Strike. You can deflect and block all of his attacks with your weapons but it will require a lot of practice so, if you are having trouble deflecting his combo attacks or even a kick then simply block it to avoid the damage.

Dong Zhou has three different Critical Blows that you need to deflect at all costs to quickly decrease his Spirit Gauge. One of the Critical Blows is when he goes into the air and spins his Halberd to do a slashing attack. You need to press the deflect button when he is about to spin to deflect the attack. Another Critical Blow of his is when he throws a slashing red strike against you from a distance. You need to deflect it to send the slashing strike back to him.

The Last Critical Blow of Dong Zhou is his Grabbing move. He will charge himself up and run toward you, you need to press the deflect button as he is about to reach you to deflect the grab animation and avoid the attack. By deflecting his Critical Blows, you will be able to break his Posture and you will get to hit your Fatal Strike on him.

Defeating Dong Zhou

During the fight, you will have to hit him with your weapon after deflecting his moves and even cast spells on him to deal elemental damage. Whenever your Divine Gauge is charged, call the Divine Beast as well to deal more damage to him. You will be able to defeat him by breaking his Posture 2 – 3 times in the fight.

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