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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Sun Jian



Sun Jian

Elixir is spreading fast on the lands of Ancient China and as players progress through the main missions of the game, they will get to fight a leader who is turned by an Elixir. You will get to fight Sun Jian in the main mission “Darkness Over the Hanshui River”. Sun Jian will turn into his Divine Beast who is a Tiger and players will have to stop him by fighting Sun Jian.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Sun Jian in Wo Long: fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

Sun Jian will use a lot of slashing attacks with his tail so, it is best to use the weapons with high Deflect difficulty. You can use any Double Swords or Spear for this fight. Both of these weapons have over 100 Deflect Difficulty which will help you deflect his attack more easily.

You can use Zhuque Divine Beast against Sun Jian to deal fire elemental damage to him as well as put your weapon on fire for more damage.

Defeating Sun Jian

Sun Jian will be using his tail to deal damage to you and you need to block it or deflect it to decrease his Spirit Gauge. It is easy to deflect and you can also deflect his charging attack. However, you need to dodge the ground slam attack with his kick because it deals AOE damage and you cannot be near it. So, if you see him lifting his leg, move away from him to avoid the damage.

He has two Critical Blows which revolves around his tail and charging attacks. You need to deflect both of them to break his posture. When you see him glow red while using his tail, be ready to deflect it and then use the Fatal Strike to decrease his Spirit Gauge. Another Critical Blow is when he will charge towards you while glowing red. Again deflect it to break his posture and you will be able to land the Fatal Strike in an animation.

You need to use the Divine Beast whenever it is charge to deal fire damage to him overtime. It will come very handy in this fight and you will be able to take him down after breaking his posture for a few number of times. However, you will have to be careful when his HP goes under 50% because he will begin to use his combos more frequently. So, if you are having trouble deflecting his tail combo or punch combos. Simply block them or dodge them.

Defeating Sun Jian

Focus on the Critical Blows more to break his posture to defeat him.

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