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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Taotie




There are many different demon enemies that players will get to fight in the main missions of the story and one of the giant demons that players will get to fight is Taotie who is also a main boss in the mission “Centuries of Glory Burned away”. It is a Cow and Sheep giant demon who has multiple giant arms that players will have to defeat in order to complete the mission.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Taotie in Wo Long; Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

Taotie is giant so, you will be attacking its hooves to deal damage. You can use a Spear or Hammer for a high amount of damage. You can easily hit it with a full combo along with your Fatal Strike from time to time. You can also use different spells phase and divine beast to deal damage to him as well.

Defeating Taotie

Taotie has stomping and jumping attacks that can be dodged as well as deflected at the right time. Stomping attack is its Critical Blow so, you will have to deflect it to break its posture. Another attack of Taotie is Fireball and you can avoid it by maintaining a distance. After that, you can go right in again to deal damage to him.

You will have to break its posture two times to attack a Fatal Strike on its eyes to deplete its HP. The first eye will be in front but the next one will be above Taotie. You will have to climb Taotie from its back to break the eye. After breaking the second eye, its health will be completely depleted but it will stand up again.

Defeating Taotie

His Health will be regenerated but don’t worry because you only have to break its posture one more time to completely finish it. His Posture will break quickly and you will have to climb from the goat side to break the last eye. After destroying the last eye, Taotie will be defeated.

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