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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Yuan Shao



Yuan Shao

As players progress through the end-game part of the game, they will get to encounter Yuan Shao. After defeating Liu Bei, you will go after Yuan Shao in the main mission named “Decisive Battle of Guandu”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Yuan Shao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment to Use

You can use the Dual Swords or a Spear with high deflect difficulty and you need to put Flame Weapon Spell in your Spell Diamond. Yuan Shao will use a lot of ice attacks so, you need to use the fire weapon to deal more damage at every hit and deal damage over time. You can also use Zhuque Divine Beast for this fight as it will deal more fire damage to Yuan Shao.

Defeating Yuan Shao

Yuan Shao has various ice attacks that he will use throughout the fight. He will use his shield to blow out icy breath to push you away. You can block it as well as dodge it and try to get close to him to deal damage. He will use his shield to shoot ice rocks at your location and you can deflect it to break the rocks. You can also dodge it to avoid damage.

When you deal more damage to Yuan Shao, he will bring his shield up to avoid the damage. However, you can push his shield back by continuing your attacks on the shield. Once the shield goes back, you can advance your attacks to Yuan Shao. You will also have to deflect or dodge the whip attacks while being close to Yuan Shao.

Other than the ice and whip attacks, the attacks that you must deflect are his Critical Blows. One of his Critical Blows is when he will charge up and try to slam you with the Snake Whip. You need to deflect it as soon as he is about to hit you. Another Critical Blow of his is when he charges up his shield and tries to grab you. You need to deflect it when you see his shield charging up.

defeating yuan shao

By deflecting these Critical Blows and advancing them with your Strikes, you will break his posture. After breaking his posture, advance him with your Fatal Strike to deal the maximum amount of damage. You can use Flame Weapon spell throughout the fight as well as the Divine Beast to deal elemental damage to Yuan Shao.

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