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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Zhang Rang



Zhang Rang

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has various enemy types and bosses that players will have to defeat in order to progress in the story. One of the main bosses that players will get to encounter in the Third Part of the Story is Zhang Rang. Players will encounter Zhang Rang in the main mission named “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Equipment To Use

Zhang Rang is mainly a mage boss that can cast various spells of Lightning Virtue. His spells can be countered by using the Metal Phase spells. Metal Phase has Poisonous and curse type spells so, if you have those spells then they can come quite handy in this fight.

Any Dual Swords with Attack power over 180 will be able to take down Zhang Rang quickly and if you don’t have Dual Swords then you can also use a Spear. Iron Spetum is one of the best spear weapons that you can use against this boss. The reason you want to use these weapons is because you want to break his and his clones’ Posture quickly.

Defeating Zhang Rang

Zhang Rang is Level 20 Morale Rank boss and he will summon his 9 clones two times during the fight. At the very start of the fight, you will get to take out 9 of his clones and once you have depleted half of his HP, he will summon them again. Now, all of his clones also do the same attacks as him so, you will have to be careful in countering the spells and sword attacks. Zhang Rang has 5 different Lightning Spell Attacks and players can counter three of these spells. These spells are the lightning orbs that he casts. You can dodge them as well as counter them with your Metal Spells.

The other two Lightning Spells that he casts are AOE Spells that cannot be countered and deflect. You will have to dodge it by getting out of the range of the spell otherwise, it will interrupt your character and all clones and Zhang Rang himself will take you out in a snap.

You need to dodge and counter their attacks and get close to each clone one by one. Mashing your attack button will break their posture very quickly with the Dual Swords and you will be able take them out very quickly. After taking them out, you need to focus on Critical Blows of Zhang Rang.

Defeating Zhang Rang

He has two Critical Blows and you need to deflect them to lower his Spirit Gauge to negative side to break his posture. One of his Critical Blows is when he rushes towards you with the sword. You need to deflect it when you see him rushing. Another Critical Blow is when he flies in the air and land on your position while swinging his sword.

The fight itself is not very difficult but you can get confuse very easily by seeing 10 Zhang Rang in a single room so, try to take out the clones first and then unleash yourself on Zhang Rang to defeat him.

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