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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Zhang Bao, General of Earth



Zhang Bao, General of Earth

As players progress through the main missions of the game, they will get to various bosses at the end of the missions. One of the bosses that players will get to fight is Zhang Bao, General of Earth. Players will get to fight him at the end of the mission named “The Valley of Crying Wraiths”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Zhang Bao, General of Earth in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Defeating Zhang Bao

Zhang Bao is a Level 18 boss who will increase its Morale Rank later in the fight but it is easy to tackle. Zhang Bao has various Fire spells that can deal damage overtime so, it is best that you block/dodge them. Zhang bao does have a sword which he will use from time to time in the fight but its attack can be countered easily. You need to dodge the fire spells to get close to him to deal damage.

You can dodge the fire rings by jumping over them. If you see a red shade under you, dodge immediately before a fire comes up from the shade. Another fire spell is flaming shots which will follow your movement for a bit. Run around them to dodge them. The other spells are also dodged by jumping over them or dodging them by going in another direction.

Now, to deal damage to Zhang Bao, you will have to use your Divine Beast. It will make him move and stop him from casting fire spells. He will use his sword to hit you so, counter it to decrease his posture. Now, you need to be ready because he will use his one of Critical Blows. Be ready to press the deflect button to deflect the attack and then hit him with Fatal Strike to break his posture. Now, go near him and do the Fatal Strike again to deal maximum amount of damage.

Once you have depleted about half of his HP, he will summon three wizards in the arena. You need to take out the wizards because they will be giving power to Zhang Bao and making him a Level 27 boss. All of the wizards will die in a couple of hits so, kill them to lower the rank of Zhang Bao. He will use another Critical Blow so, make sure to deflect it to deal a great amount of damage.

Defeating Zhang Bao

You just have to repeat the process of dodging his fire spells and then deflecting his swords attacks and Critical Blows to deal maximum amount of damage. Do not forget to use your Divine Beast from time to time as it will help you a lot in the fight.

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