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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the New Leather Suit



Leather Suit

Sons of the Forest first major update added new utility items along with new outfits that can be found by players by roaming around the island once more. There are also new story events that players can explore but if they want to collect all new items then they should also get the new Leather Suit for one of your companions.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the new Leather Suit in Sons of the Forest.

Leather Suit Location

The Newly added Leather Suit can be found in the Northwest area of the map. The Leather Suit is placed in a helicopter that can be found in between the two Points of Interest in which you find the Maintenance Keycard and VIP Keycard. To find the Helicopter, go to the lake and stand in front of it. Now, go directly in the opposite direction and you will find the helicopter.

Leather Suit Location

There will be a couple of boxes and suitcases around the Helicopter in which you can find useful materials. You will find the Leather Suit inside the Helicopter.

Give Leather Suit to Virginia

Once you have acquired the Leather Suit Outfit, you need to go near Virginia and interact with her. After that, you will get the option to give an item to her. You need to select the Leather Suit from your inventory to give her the outfit.

However, if you do not have unlocked Virginia then you would have to unlock her first as your companion and then you will be able to give her the outfit.

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