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Fortnite – How to Win the Arcade Game



Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

The new season of chapter 4 has added new locations on the map along with new items that players can interact. As the new season starts, all players will get new quests and weekly challenges. The very first quest that players will get to complete is “Syndicate” quest for which players have to complete different stages. First stage will require you to win the arcade game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to win the Arcade Game in Fortnite.

Where to Find Arcade Games

Arcade Games are the new machines that are added in the new season and they can be find in different locations on the map. You can find these machines in the Lonely Labs, Slappy Shores, and Frenzy Fields. All of these locations are hot drops so players will have to be careful if they want to interact and win the Arcade Games.

Wining the Arcade Game

For the stages in Syndicate quest, you will have to win 2 games in total but at different stages. The first game that you need to win is in very first stage. You will have to win the Arcade Game in either Frenzy Field or Slappy Shores. Go to any one of the Arcade Game machine and interact with it to start the arcade game.

Once you have started the game, you need to move the circle to the “X” mark. You will see the Grey Blocks on the screen as well which are the obstacles. You cannot move your circle on the obstacles’ positions. You will have to move the circle around the blocks to reach the X. You need to move the circle by selecting the Left, Up, Down, and Right option on the bottom of the screen. If you are on PC, Left Click on the options and if you are on the Controller, press the A or X to select the options.

The next time that you will have to win the Arcade Game will be in the 4th Stage and you will have to win it at the Lonely Labs location.

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