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Fortnite skins Featuring Invincible, Atom Eve and Omni-Man Leaked Prior to the Upcoming Update



Fortnite - Invincible Skins Leaked

Fortnite Season OG is one of the most successful seasons in its 6 years of running as it breaks the record with 44.7 million players in just one day. Players have been returning to Fortnite to view and experience the original Map of Fortnite Season 1. With such a huge success, Fortnite got some new collaborations to the game including Lewis Hamilton but it also got the attention of the data miners who leaked the upcoming skins to Fortnite.

The leaked skins from the upcoming update of Fortnite Season OG are from the Invincible collaboration. There are 3 skins that have been confirmed and showcased by the Epic Partners on X (Twitter) and have been viewed by over 3 million users. The skins that have been leaked and showcased are the following.

The launch date for these skins hasn’t been disclosed by anyone and the best guess for players to get these skins is in the next few updates for Season OG as the season has only begun now.

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