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Fortnite – How to Get the Golden Egg



Golden Egg

The new Fortnite event has a number of the addition to the game and one of the additions are new types of Chickens. These Chickens lie different colors of eggs and sometimes they do lay Golden Eggs as well that players will have to collect in order to complete the Spring Breakout Quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Golden Egg in Fortnite.

Getting the Golden Egg

As you would have known that the two chickens that are added to the game are Green and Purple. These Chickens lie specific eggs that can be picked up and used by players in order to get a specific buff. The Green Chicken lies Green Eggs that can be used to heal your character and the Purple Chicken lie Purple Egg that can be used by players to get gravity buff and shield.

However, if you stay close to these Chickens, they also lie the Golden Egg from time to time. It is totally random and it can take you a while before you get to collect the Golden Egg or you can also find it laying in some random place. The chickens can be found all over the map so, it would not be hard to find the chickens. However, one of the best spots to find the Chickens is Frenzy Fields and you can find the Golden Egg in the field somewhere.

Once you have found the chicken stay close to it so, you can get the Golden Egg whenever it is laid. When you pick up the golden egg, it will not give you any buff but it will give you gold bars that you can spend during the match for certain buffs.

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