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Fortnite – All Spring Breakout Quests



Spring Breakout

The new Easter Event of Fortnite has been confusing a lot of people in the game because the quests are bugged for many players and it will show them that they have already completed the quests. How come the rewards are not earned if the quests are completed? So, if you are facing the same issue then worry not, we have figured out all of the quests that you need to complete in order to get the rewards of Spring Breakout Quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete all Spring Breakout quests in Fortnite.

Complete Spring Breakout Quests

The Easter Event is a time-limited event that will stay on from March 29 at 9 am ET to April 11 at 12 am ET. With each day going by, there will be new quests but since it is bugged, players can do the following quests to complete the required quests for each reward.

  1. Gather Chicken Eggs (30)
  2. Spend Gold Bars (400)
  3. Survive Storm Phases (10)

These three are the Spring Breakout Quest Challenges that all players will have to complete until the event is concluded. However, in order to speed up the progression of the quests to gain extra XP, you can complete the Spring Breakout Daily Quests. The Daily Quests contain the following quests.

  • Visit three Cherry Blossom tree displays
  • Collect a Golden Egg
  • Hire a Specialist NPC
  • Collect an egg within five seconds of it being laid
  • Deal 50 damage to players with a Specialist NPC
  • Swim in the hot springs at Steamy Springs
  • Deal 100 damage to players while under the effects of a Hope Egg
  • Give a hired Specialist Character a command
  • Place four Chicken Crossing signs at Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing
  • Talk to Cluck
  • Deal 1000 damage to structures with the Egg Launcher
  • Consume two Heal Eggs and a piece of meat in a single match
  • Jump 50 times in a single match

Some of the daily quests will give you up to 20k XP which will help you gain XP more quickly but you need to keep your main focus on the challenges to complete the quests to gain the rewards.

All Easter Event Rewards

There are 6 different rewards that can be redeemed within the time limit of the event by completing the event challenges and quests. The rewards you will get from Easter Event are the following.

  • Bloomback Sack Back Bling
  • Shell Smash Spray
  • The Works Loading Screen
  • A Spring Breakout Banner Icon
  • Nannerbloom Hammer Pickaxe
  • Fresh Flyer Glider

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