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Fortnite – How to Open the Vaults




Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 also has a number of vaults spread across the map that players can unlock with specific Vault Keys. The main task is to get the Vault Key which can only be obtained from the main boss in the area where you are trying to open the vault.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the vaults in Fortnite.

All Vaults

There are a total of three vaults in Chapter 4 Season 4 and all of the vaults are unlocked by their required Keycard. The Keycard can only be obtained from the boss in the area. The Boss is an NPC and has a lot of health but they are relatively easy to kill. You can find the Vaults in the following places on the map.

  1. Mega City
  2. Shattered Slabs
  3. Brutal Bastion

Once you have made it to the place, go to the Vault to unlock it with the Keycard.

Unlocking the Vault

If you have made it to the vault too early, you will not find the Keycard. It is because you will have to wait for the first circle to close. Once the first circle is close, the area will spawn a boss that you need to take down. The boss will also have two Ais soldiers with him that you also need to take down.

Vault Keycard

Once you have defeated the boss, it will drop the Keycard for the Vault. Now, grab the Keycard and go to the vault and interact with it to open the vault to get the Epic and Legendary Loot.

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