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Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue – Complete Walkthrough



Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue – Complete Walkthrough

Crime Scene Cleaner is an upcoming action simulation game in which you take the role of a Cleaner who is working with a Mafia. Your cleaning job includes the disposal of bodies and any evidence left behind by the Mafia. The Prologue of Crime Scene Cleaner includes a chapter from the main story of the game with a complete set of tools in your arsenal.

The following guide will walk you through the complete Prologue sequence of Crime Scene Cleaner.

Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue Walkthrough

As the prologue begins, you will get to witness a brief cutscene of a mob entering a local entrepreneur’s villa and killing all the family members. After the cutscene, you will get to control the protagonist and have to answer the phone call placed on the table behind you. Go and pick up the phone call to receive info on the job.

Accept the Mission – House of Mr. Castle

Upon listening to the phone call, head straight and then look to the right in front of the kitchen counter to find a staircase leading to the basement. Head down the staircase and interact with the computer to open the mail. Here, you need to accept the mission by selecting the mail from “Pedro Rascal” and then selecting the “Accept Mission” option within the mail. Accepting the mission will initiate the House of Mr. Castle mission.

Start the Mission – Head to the Villa

After accepting the mission, go out of the basement and then to the left side of the living room to open a door to reach the Garage. Now, interact with the car to open the map with the mission location marked on it. Select the mission location and then select the “Start Mission” to head over to the villa.

NOTE: This very mission is Chapter 6: Mansion massacre cleanup of the main story mode that players will be completing for this prologue.

Upon reaching the Villa, keep on heading straight along the Forest Path to come across a door that will lead you to the Swimming Pool area of the Villa.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool area has four main objectives requiring you to collect one piece of evidence, get rid of all the trash, wipe all of the blood, and empty the pool. To get started with your cleaning job in the first area, start by taking out all the trash. Hold the Tab button to open the Tool Wheel and press the 3 button to equip the Garbage Can.

Now, go over to the blue highlighted items on the floor and press LMB to toss them into the trash bag. There will be 40 items in total which include, broken bottles, broken plates, and bullet shells. While getting rid of the trash, once the trash bag is filled up, you need to take it back to your car and drop it in the trunk.

Upon cleaning all of the trash, it’s time to wipe the blood. Press the Tab button and press the 6 button to equip a bucket. Now, place the bucket beneath the water source beside the lounge chairs and fill it up with water. Pick the bucket up and take it close to the blood and then equip the Mop by pressing the 2 button.

Start cleaning the blood by pressing the LMB and make sure to clean the mop from time to time by interacting with the water-filled bucket. The water inside the bucket will get contaminated after 3 washes so make sure to empty the bucket by rotating it either in the pool or outside of the villa. Once you are done cleaning the blood near the stairs, it’s time to empty the pool.

Go towards the door from where you entered and if you look to the left side just before walking down to the door, you will see a small alleyway with two rooms. The room in the front will include the mechanism to empty the pool. Go inside the room and interact with the console on the left side to empty the pool.

Now, go back to the pool and bring the water-filled bucket inside the pool to start cleaning the rest of the remaining blood. While cleaning the blood, you will find the Poolboy’s body and a Workshop Key. Pick up the key and keep on cleaning the blood. Once done, now go back to the alleyway and open the door on the right with the key and you will find the evidence on the workshop bench. Before heading out, interact with the console on the left side of the bench to reset the fuses and unlock the door to the Ground Floor of the Villa.

Before you head into the Villa, go over to the Poolboy’s body and hold the LMB to pick it up, take it back to your truck, and toss it in the trunk to dispose of the first body.

Ground Floor

Now, enter the villa through the door by the pool and you will get another set of objectives. Start by taking out all of the trash using the Garbage Bin. After cleaning the trash, start wiping the blood using the mop and the bucket. Keep in mind that you do have to waste the contaminated water from time to time to completely clean the blood. Some of the parts of the ground floor like the carpet and the furniture will require you to use the Sponge to clean the blood.

After you have wiped all of the blood, it’s time to move the furniture back to its place. Use the Cleaner’s Sense by pressing the Q button to highlight all the correct places for each furniture item. Now, start picking up the items and place them in their necessary place. A few of the furniture items like big cabinets and the paintings/pictures will require you to hold the LMB to fix them. However, make sure that they are first cleaned before you fix them.

Once you have taken out the trash, wiped all of the blood, and fixed the furniture, it’s time to find the pieces of evidence and delete the surveillance recordings. The first evidence will be on the Wife’s Body. Interact with her phone beside her body to get the first evidence. For the second piece of evidence, head into the surveillance room. It is located beside the staircase. Head inside and you will see a phone and a laptop on the desk in front.

Interact with the phone to get the second evidence and then interact with the laptop to initiate a hacking procedure. We hacked it using the Manual Hacking procedure which requires you to press the digit numbers at the right time when the white bar is sliding over the required numbers on the laptop’s screen. Once you have entered the correct digit numbers two times, it will open the surveillance recording folder.

Now, select each recording in the folder to delete it. Once done, head outside and dispose Wife’s Body by picking it up and throwing it in the trunk of your truck.


Before you head upstairs, go to the basement located beside the kitchen. Head downstairs to find Mark’s Body on the chair. Here, you need to collect all five pieces of evidence. Grab the Drill Machine and Drills from the table, Hammer from the floor, Knife from Mark’s left hand, and a Drill from Mark’s right hand.

After getting all the pieces of evidence, equip the Mop to wipe all the blood. Lastly, pick up Mark’s Body and take it back to your truck to dispose of it.

First Floor

The First Floor of the Villa will include the dead bodies of the son and the daughter. Start by cleaning the area outside of their rooms. Clean the trash and wipe the blood outside of the daughter’s room. Now, head into the son’s room and start cleaning it by taking out the trash and wiping the blood from everything.

Once done, start fixing the room by placing the furniture items back using the Cleaner’s Sense. After that, pick up the son’s body and take it back to the truck to dispose of it. Now, come back to the villa and go up to the first floor. As you are about to enter the daughter’s room, you can find her phone on the floor outside of her room. Pick it up to gather the first piece of evidence.

The door to the daughter’s room will be broken and stuck so, empty your hands and start punching it to break them into pieces. After that, collect the remains of the door as trash in the Garbage Bin. Enter the room and pick up the Axe from the floor to get the second piece of evidence. Now, start taking out trash from her room and then wipe it to clean the blood.

Once done, fix the room using the Cleaner’s Sense. Her body will be on the balcony and as you open the door her body will drop down to the poolside. Despite this, wipe the blood from the balcony and then make your way down to the pool area.

Go to the back side of the pool area to find the daughter’s body. Clean the trash and wipe the blood in the area. After that, pick up her body and take it back to the truck to dispose of it.

Finishing Up the Mission

Upon disposing of all five dead bodies in the Villa, dispose of any left behind garbage bags by putting them in the truck of your truck. Once done, go back to the Villa and take pictures in all the main areas which include Swimming Pool, Ground Floor, Basement, and First Floor. To take the pictures, go on a white marker in each area, press the R button to pull out a camera, and then press the LMB to take pictures of the highlighted areas in the frame.

After completing all the objectives, you can leave the Crime Scene by going back to your truck and interacting with it. Doing so will pull up the final score for the mission.

This concludes our complete walkthrough guide on Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue.

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