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Palia: Where to Find & Catch Spotted Bullhead



Palia: Where to Find & Catch Spotted Bullhead

There are various fish types in Palia that players can catch while doing the Fishing Guild. Catching common and rare fish is the crucial step of leveling up the Fishing Guild to unlock advanced versions of the Fishing Rod as well as new items and crafting recipes at the Fishing Guild Store. One of the common fish that players can get early in the game is the Spotted Bullhead which can be caught at any time of the day.

This guide will walk you through where to find and catch Spotted Bullhead in Palia.

Where to Find Spotted Bullhead in Palia

Spotted Bullhead can be found in Kilima Rivers at any time of the day. There are several spots in Kilima Valley to fish in the Kilima Rivers, but one of the best fishing spots to find Spotted Bullhead is the waterfall area on the Northeast side of Kilima Valley. The fishing spot is located on the east side of your plot area and you can reach it by crossing the Chapaa Crossing area.

How to Catch Spotted Bullhead in Palia

Catching the Spotted Bullhead doesn’t require any specific time which makes this fishing endeavor easy. Upon reaching the fishing location of the Kilima Rivers, you need to start catching fish in the deep area of the river.

Cast the line as far as you can with your fishing rod and wait for the bobber to shake three times. As the bobber starts to move after the third shake, reel in the fish by holding the Left-Click Button and moving the mouse to keep the fish inside the brackets to catch the fish.

It can take a few tries or even more than ten tries to catch a Spotted Bullhead because there are other fish in the pond who will strike first at the bait so, be patient to catch the Spotted Bullhead. Spotted Bullhead has a selling price of 21 Gold and you can sell it at the General Store or the Shipping Bin.

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