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Palia: Strange Things Afoot Quest Walkthrough



Palia: Strange Things Afoot Quest Walkthrough

The Strange Things Afoot is the final quest of the latest Spring Update in Palia that players will get to unlock once they have completed the Secret Depths quest and unlocked the Vault of the Roots at the Night Sky Temple. Unlocking the Vault of the Roots will descend a mysterious pink light from the sky revealing a cylindrical apparatus in the middle of the Night Sky Temple.

The Strange Things Afoot quest will require you to find out more about the mysterious apparatus and this guide will walk you through how to complete it.

Strange Things Afoot Quest Walkthrough

Speak with Einar at the Night Sky Temple after completing the Secret Depths quest to conclude the Vault of the Roots quest and initiate the Strange Things Afoot quest. Einar will advise you to speak with Jina to find out if she knows anything about the mysterious apparatus. Luckily, Jina will also be at the Night Sky Temple so go and speak with her.

Unfortunately, Jina has no clue about the newly appeared apparatus in the middle of the Night Sky Temple but the good thing is that she will mention its appearance to the Order. After speaking with Jina, you have to wait to hear from the Order.

Wait for at least a couple of days and Subira will meet you at your Housing Plot area. Speak with her and she will tell you that the Order and you should investigate the apparatus together. However, after speaking with her, Subira will not disclose any further information regarding investigating the apparatus and the quest will come on hold with the “Wait for the story to be continued…” objective.

This quest cannot be further progressed, at least for now until the next major patch/update releases unveiling the future events regarding the quest and the story.

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