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Palia: Secret Depths Quest Walkthrough



Palia: Secret Depths Quest Walkthrough

Palia’s latest patch includes a brand-new story chapter for players to uncover by entering the new Temple of the Roots. It is the fourth temple in the game that players can explore to unveil the mysteries within it during a brand-new main story quest, Secret Depths.

The Secret Depths quest is initiated, once players have overridden the security protocols and gained access to the Temple of the Roots. It is done by completing three different quests and it is essential to complete them as without overriding the protocols, players cannot access the temple.

This guide will cover the complete walkthrough for the Secret Depths quest in Palia.

Secret Depths Quest – Walkthrough

Upon initiating the quest by speaking with Einar, make your way to Bahari Bay and enter the Temple of the Roots located southeast of Outskirts. Once you have entered the temple, speak with Hekla at the further entrance to the temple. After speaking with Hekla, the next door will open requiring you to find a way out of the chamber.

Find a Way Out of the Chamber

To get out of the Chamber, you need to go over the cracked wall in front and use the Pickaxe to break the wall. Simply, equip the Pickaxe from your Tool Wheel and use it to hit the wall. The wall will break opening a path to a larger area.

Explore the Temple of Roots

You need to get down to the bottom to start exploring the temple but before you do that, there are a couple of chests that can be found on the higher grounds. To get down without missing anything, go to the left side and stand on the bridge to see a chest located over a pipe below. Jump off and use the glider to reach the pipe and loot the chest.

Now, look back and there will be a platform behind you that you can reach using the glider. Do that and there will be a Stone Tablet on the edge of the platform beside the tree leaves. Jump down and continue ahead to find another chest. Now, jump all the way down and there will be a closed pipe in front with another Stone Tablet. Before you head into the pipe with no lid, make sure to activate the Flowstone Gate ahead which will allow you to get back to the top anytime you want.

Once done, make your way through the pipe, and as soon as you come out of the other end, look to the right to find another chest. Make your way ahead and as you are about to reach the platforming bridge, there will be an entrance to a path on the right side. Go inside it to find another Stone Tablet. After getting the tablet, go back and cross the bridge to the other side by jumping on the moving platforms.

There is a chest in the below area tucked away on the right side that you can grab as well and then climb back up by the vines. Also, there will be another chest inside the pipe located above the bridge which you can reach by climbing a mountain on the right side and then gliding towards the pipe.

Find a Way to Open the Door – Factory Entrance

As you reach the other side of the bridge, you will see a door to the Factory Entrance. To unlock it, you need to first speak with the Gardener located left of the door. Speaking with it will reveal that you need to bring Pyroflow to the door. After speaking with the Gardener, speak with Einar. Einar will not be looking good so speak with Hekla to find out what’s happening. Upon speaking with Hekla, she will open the door for you.

Reach the Gardener to Save Einar

Go through the factory entrance door and there will be a stone tablet on the rocks on the right that you can read. Keep going ahead and make your way around to reach an area with floating platforms. Here, you need to open the door in front by pressing the two buttons located on each side. Use the platforms to get to each side and press the buttons.

Once done, make your way through the opened door. Use the Pickaxe to break through the weakened walls. Enter the pipe and keep following the path to reach another flying platform area. There will be a chest in front which you can grab by getting on the platform and then jumping ahead. Be aware of the laser at the end of the flying platform path.

Break the wall using the pickaxe and then activate the Flowstone Gate for Einar and Hekla. Now, go down the platform and there will be another chest beneath the platform that you can loot. Continue ahead to drop down to the platform and then climb the vines ahead. There will be a Stone Tablet on the right that you can read. Go to the left side and jump ahead on the platform.

Keep following along the path and as you reach the end, there will be another Stone Tablet beside the red tree that you can read. Now, jump ahead to reach the next flying platforms section. Jump on the platforms to get ahead and then climb the railing to reach the other side. Use the Pickaxe to break the wall and there will be another Stone Tablet on the left side beside a vase.

Continue ahead and activate the Flowstone Gate inside. Go out of the room and speak with Hekla and she will tell you to press the largest button on the Gardener’s Control Panel to disconnect him from the Flow network. Press the button on the right to disconnect the Gardener and save Einar.

Speak with Gardener

After disconnecting the Gardener, speak to Einar and then Hekla. Now, go over to the Control Panel and speak with Gardener. Go through the Dialogues and then speak with Hekla. Once done, speak to Einar again and then head back to the entrance of the temple using the Flowstone Gate. Here, interact with the Flowstone Gate in the middle to get back to the very top.

Solve the Mural Puzzle

Head straight into the Chamber and then speak with Hekla. A door will open in the chamber in which you will get to solve the Mural Puzzle. As you head inside, there will be two Stone Tablets in the room, one on the left beside the staircase and the other one on the table in front. Now, go up the staircase and interact with the mural to solve the sliding puzzle.

Move the blocks to create a portrayal of a robot to solve the puzzle and it will also include the quest.


Completing the Secret Depths quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 40 Renown Points
  • Relationship improved with Hekla
  • Relationship improved with Einar

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