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Palia: How to Solve the Mural Puzzle in Temple of the Roots



Palia: How to Solve the Mural Puzzle in Temple of the Roots

There are several secrets and puzzles to be solved in the Temple of the Roots to learn about the ancient humans in Palia. As players find and explore the Temple during the ‘Secret Depths’ quest, they will have to reach and open the Factory Entrance to reach the Gardener who has been encrypting Einar for some reason.

Saving Einar will require players to disconnect the Gardener from the Control Panel. Upon saving Einar, the final test in the temple will be to solve the Mural Puzzle located in the very first chamber of the temple. Similar to the previous temples, solving the Mural puzzle is essential for unlocking the vault at the Night Sky Temple and this guide, will walk you through how to do it.

How to Solve the Mural Puzzle in The Temple of the Roots

The Mural is the final puzzle in Temple of the Roots that you will get to solve once you have reached the entrance of the temple after saving Einar. Reach the entrance of the temple by using the Flowstone Gates and as you reach the first chamber, speak with Hekla to unlock a room including the Mural Puzzle.

The Mural Puzzle is a sliding puzzle, similar to the Temple of the Gales, Temple of the Flames, and Temple of the Waves puzzle. The only difference in this Mural Puzzle is the portrait. You will have to use the W, A, S, and D keys to move the blocks to portray the image of Gardener, protector of the temple.

If you think you messed up a block, you can easily reset the puzzle by pressing the T button. So, take your time and move the blocks to make the portrayal of Gardener, and once it is done, a brief cutscene will start showing the activation of the Vault of the Roots stone inside the Night Sky Temple.

Completing the Mural Puzzle will lead to the end of the quest and after that, you will be able to make your way to the Night Sky Island where you can find Einar. You will be able to interact with the new activation stone to view the new four bundles for the Vault of the Roots.

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