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Palia: Where to Find All 6 Rootseeker Medallions



Palia: Where to Find All 6 Rootseeker Medallions

The new Temple of the Roots is now available for players to explore and unravel its secrets. Similar to the previous three temples, the Temple of the Roots also has its bundle which requires various items to be completed. One of the bundles, ‘Rootseeker’s Bundle’ requires 6 Rootseeker Medallions which are scattered throughout the Bahari Bay map zone.

Keep on reading this guide to find all 6 Rootseeker Medallions for the bundle in Palia.

All 6 Rootseeker Medallion Locations

Rootseeker Medallion is one of the new quest items exclusive for completing the ‘Rootseeker’s Bundle’ of the Temple of the Roots. The first medallion is obtained by speaking with Einar at the Night Sky Temple and the rest of the medallions are obtained from the chests that are scattered around Bahari Bay.

Below you will find all the locations for Rootseeker Medallions in Palia.

Rootseeker Medallion #1

Speak to Einar at the Night Sky Temple during the “Vault of the Roots” quest to get the medallion.

Rootseeker Medallion #2

The second Rootseeker medallion is located under the wooden platform beside the pond in the Pavel Mines.

Rootseeker Medallion #3

The third Rootseeker medallion is located on the broken pillar in the middle of Flooded Fortress.

Rootseeker Medallion #4

The fourth Rootseeker medallion is found inside the cave in the Thorny Thicket area.

Rootseeker Medallion #5

The fifth Rootseeker medallion is located beside the fallen pillar southeast of the Coral Shores.

Rootseeker Medallion #6

The sixth and last medallion is located beneath the wooden staircase on the north side of the Old Light House.

Contribute All 6 Rootseeker Medallions to the Bundle

Once you have obtained all 6 Rootseeker Medallions, go to the Night Sky Temple and interact with the Vault of the Roots. Open the Rootseeker’s Bundle and contribute all of the medallions to complete the bundle and earn Recipe: Emberborn Reed Planter as a reward.

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