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South Park: Snow Day – Chapter 1 – Stark’s Pond Walkthrough



South Park: Snow Day – Chapter 1 – Stark’s Pond Walkthrough

South Park: Snow Day! is a roguelike action-adventure game that allows you to undertake five different missions as a human to take down the Elf forces. After completing the opening sequence and prologue of the game, players will reach the Kupa Keep, the safe hub where all the vendors will offer various services to build the New Kid (your character) stronger for the missions.

This guide will walk you through the first chapter Stark’s Pond in South Park: Snow Day.

Chapter 1 – Stark’s Pond Walkthrough

Initiate the chapter by going to the Roundtable in Kupa Keep and selecting the first chapter. Walk to the Kupa Keep Gate on the right side past the Armory to begin the chapter. After the cutscene, select an Upgrade Card and a Bullshit Card to start the chapter.

Find Kyle in the Forest

Go to the left side of the store and keep following the path to reach the “Scenic Trail”. Keep following the path to come along a few boxes and a trash can. Break them to get TP and then continue ahead by climbing over the snow. As you go ahead, you will get to encounter the first batch of Elf enemies. Defeat the enemies and go ahead by climbing the snow to reach the Overlook Point.

Cross the snow bridge to the other side and defeat the enemies. As you go ahead, you will meet Jimmy just before the next Gate. Interact with Jimmy to get an upgrade card and then continue ahead by walking into the Gate.

Defeat the Elves of the Cleft!

Walking through the gate will put you in the first war with the elves. Defeat the elves but be careful of the Bullshit Card of the Elf Army. Take down the elf with the BS first and then eliminate the rest of them.

Once you have defeated all the elves, make your way to the closed door ahead and interact with it to pick the lock. Here, you will get to meet with Henrietta for the first time. Interact with her to see if there is any Dark Ritual Card, you wish to equip. Once done in the area, walk through the next Gate to continue ahead.

Walking through the Gate will take you to Stark’s Pond where you will find Randy stuck in the ice with a box full of Toilet Paper in his hands. You need to free Randy by finding the Gas and Keys for the truck.

Getting the Keys at the Train Station

Make your way to the right side towards the Train Station to enter the Gate. It will take you a Makeshift Stronghold where a large number of Elves reside. Defeat all of the enemies to get past the Stronghold but be aware of the BS of the enemies. Don’t forget to use your BS Card here as well as it can help you greatly in taking out a large number of enemies easily.

Once you have achieved the victory, you will find Jimmy at the locked door. Interact with him to get an Upgrade Card and continue ahead by picking the lock. Walking through the gate will take you another step closer to finding the keys at the train station but there will be another wave of enemies that you need to defeat.

Upon defeating all of the enemies, go to the backside of the train station to find a crashed truck. The keys will be on the table beside the truck. Continue ahead along the path to find Jimmy. Choose an upgrade card by interacting with him and continue ahead through the gate to reach the Crossroads. Here, you will find a Foilpack inside a chest. Now, continue ahead to reach back to Stark’s Pond and deliver the keys to the truck.

Getting the Gas at the Water Falls

After delivering the keys to the truck, make your way to the Water Falls ahead and go through the gate. Continue ahead on the slope to find a gas canister in the middle of the pond. As you pick up the gas, the icy floor will break and you will be ambushed by the enemies. Defeat the enemies and make your way back to the gate. Don’t forget to take an upgrade card from Jimmy just before walking through the gate.

Defeat the Waves of Elves

Once you have made your way back to Stark’s Pond, go to the truck and deliver the gas to it. It will start a cutscene and right after the cutscene, you will get to fight an army of elves for four waves. Upon clearing out all four waves of enemies, pick the lock to continue ahead. You will find Jimmy as you open the door so choose an upgrade card from him and continue ahead.

Reach Glade and Fight Kyle: The Elf King

Go through the Gate ahead and follow the path to reach the Glade where you will get to fight Kyle: The Elf King. It is a boss fight where Kyle uses several AOE attacks and has the ability to teleport himself around the arena. Defeating Kyle: The Elf King will require you to deal elemental damage to him so he takes damage overtime. Using the blades to inflict Bleeding, using the bow to cause poisoning, or using a BS card to strike meteorites on him will help you greatly in this fight.

Return to Kupa Keep

Once you have defeated Kyle: The Elf King, you will be able to go back to Kupa Keep by stepping into the next gate. However, there will be a chest right before the gate that you can loot to get Dark Matter so, don’t forget to loot it. Upon reaching back to Kupa Keep, a cutscene will play and the first chapter will be concluded.

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