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South Park: Snow Day – How to Defeat Kenny: The Princess



South Park: Snow Day – How to Defeat Kenny: The Princess

Every mission in South Park: Snow Day has a main boss at the end of it that players must defeat to get back to the safe area and conclude the chapter. During the second Chapter: Near Main Street, players will encounter Kenny: The Princess upon reaching the Amphitheatre.

Kenny: The Princess has several AOE attacks that deal a great amount of damage and additionally, she has the ability to fly which makes it even harder to get close to her. This guide will help you tackle the attacks of Princess Kenny and defeat her.

How to Defeat Kenny: The Princess in South Park: Snow Day!

Defeating Kenny: The Princess will require you to deal elemental damage to her so she takes damage overtime. Using the blades or sword to inflict Bleeding, using the bow to cause poisoning, or using a BS card to strike meteorites on her will help you greatly in this fight.

Staying close to Kenny for long can be painful as she uses a charming attack by spreading hearts which makes you vulnerable to any upcoming attacks from her until you escape from the charm spell. It is best to get a couple of hits in and then dodge or fly away to shoot the arrows at her to deal poisoning damage to her.

The rainbow swirl and flying attacks of Kenny cover a lot of ground but if you use the fart ability, you can fly away from her and get an easy dive attack on her when she is on the ground to deal decent damage.  You can also keep your distance from her to use the bow to inflict damage on her as it will be safer. Keep inflicting various elemental damages on Kenny to deplete her health swiftly.

Another tip for defeating Kenny in this boss fight is to be quick on your healing totem. If you are taking a lot of damage or one of your party members, place down the totem to get back some of the HP and start shooting the arrows or hitting Kenny to fill the Pissed Off meter to use your abilities frequently.

However, defeating Kenny efficiently will also require you to understand all of her attacks and how to dodge them.

All Attacks of Kenny: The Princess

Kenny: The Princess has four main attacks in her arsenal which she will be using throughout the fight. Every attack has its own dodge pattern that you must learn to counter and get your hits on Kenny to deal damage to her.

  • Rainbow Swirl Attack: Kenny will have a large rainbow circle around her which depicts an AOE attack that deals an immense amount of damage.
    • Counter: it is better to dodge out of the circle or use the fart ability to fly above the attack and then dive onto her to inflict bleed damage.
  • Charm Attack: Kenny will spawn the Hearts from time to time throughout the fight which will follow all of the characters. Getting hit by the heart will stun-lock your character and charm you which will make you strike on your party members.
    • Counter: Press the respective button repeatedly to escape from the Charm. To dodge the hearts, shoot them down using your secondary weapon or keep running around to dodge them until they fade away.
  • Bombs: Kenny will spawn 2 to 4 bombs around the area or on top of the heads of the characters if they are close to her.
    • Counter: Dodge away from the bombs and if a bomb is stuck on your head, run and roll in any direction to drop the bomb on the ground.
  • Flying Attack: Kenny will start to fly from time to time during the fight and she will shoot down rainbow explosions in the area.
    • Counter: Roll out the way of the explosions or use the fart ability to stay in the air to dodge most of them.

Apart from the attacks, Kenny also uses a healing ability to heal about 110 healing points. If you have a BS card remaining, use it while she is healing to ultimately attack her to deal immense damage on her.

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