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South Park: Snow Day – Chapter 2 – Near Main Street Walkthrough



South Park: Snow Day – Chapter 2 – Near Main Street Walkthrough

Completing the first chapter, Stark’s Pond will unlock the second chapter at War Table in Kupa Keep where players will be able to begin either solo or with up to 3 of their friends. This guide will walk you through the second chapter, New Main Street in South Park: Snow Day.

Chapter 2 – Near Main Street Walkthrough

Initiate the chapter by going to the Roundtable in Kupa Keep and selecting the second chapter. Walk to the Kupa Keep Gate on the right side past the Armory to begin the chapter. After the cutscene, select an Upgrade Card and a Bullshit Card to start the chapter.


As the chapter begins, you will be ambushed by Stan’s army. You need to keep them off from the marked zone in the area for 30 seconds. The enemies will keep coming so use your ranged attacks or melee attacks to keep them out of the zone. After securing the zone, continue ahead to meet Jimmy and select an upgrade card from him. Proceed ahead into the gate to reach the Main Street.

Use the Rooftops

Upon reaching the Main Street, a cutscene will start in which Stan will stop you from using the main street. After the cutscene, go over to the left side and jump over to the rooftop. Take down the enemies on the rooftop to continue ahead. Use the catapult at the end of the rooftop to cross over to the other side.

Fix the Catapult

As you reach the other side, loot the purple chests on the rooftops to get Dark Matter and as you climb up to the highest rooftop, you will notice a broken catapult. You need to find three rubber pieces and bring them to the catapult to fix it. Each Rubber Piece is being held at enemy territory and you need to infiltrate each one to get the rubber piece and then bring it back to Catapult.

Be aware of the enemies with artillery and take them out first as it will make the infiltration easier. Once you have brought back all of the rubber pieces to the catapult, use it to cross over to the other side. Upon reaching the next rooftops, you will be ambushed by the enemies again. Defeat all the enemies in the area to proceed ahead.

After taking care of all the enemies, drop down to the street and interact with Jimmy to select an Upgrade Card. Now, step into the Gate to continue ahead.

Reach Stan

Go ahead in the area and take out the enemies in the area to reach the locked catapults. Pick the lock on the catapults and then use it to go over the wall and reach the carnival area. Take out the enemies in the carnival area to proceed ahead. Once you have defeated the enemies, go to the end of the path to find Jimmy and take an upgrade card from him. After that, step into the gate to continue ahead to reach the Amphitheatre.

Defeat Kenny: The Princess

Upon reaching the theatre, you will encounter Kenny in a boss fight. Kenny uses several AOE attacks making it harder to get near her to land the melee attacks. It is best to use your ranged attacks on her to inflict any elemental damage to her which will deal overtime damage to her. If you manage to get close to her, strike her with melee attacks to inflict bleed damage on her and then dodge away from her to prevent any attack from her.

Stay away from her charm attack and use the ranged attacks while she is flying to deal damage to her and if you have saved up BS Cards, then it is the perfect time to use them. It will make the fight against her easier and deal immense damage to her.

Return to Kupa Keep

Once you have defeated Kenny, go through the gate ahead to get back to Kupa Keep to finish the mission. However, there is a chest right behind the gate to get some more Dark Matter. After looting the area, get back to Kupa Keep to watch the cutscene and conclude the chapter.

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