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Palia: How to Complete The Gardener’s New Oneness Quest



Palia: How to Complete The Gardener’s New Oneness Quest

Exploring and completing the new Temple of the Roots in Palia will let you reach the so-far-story point in the game unveiling a new vault at the Night Sky Temple. The vault offers four of its independent bindles that players can complete by contributing required items to get various recipes as a reward.

However, completing the new temple will also unlock new quests from the villagers and one of the new quests that players will get to complete is for Einar. After saving Einar at the Temple and speaking with him at the Night Sky Temple, he will come to visit you at your Housing Plot to provide some new activities to the Gardener at the Temple of the Roots to cure his sadness.

This guide will walk you through the Gardener’s New Oneness quest for Einar in Palia.

How to Complete The Gardener’s New Oneness Quest in Palia

Upon getting the quest from Einar by speaking to him at the Housing Plot area, you will get the objective to catch a certain fish and cook a certain recipe for the Gardener.

Get the Required Items for The Gardener

The fish you need to catch is Kilima Catfish which can be found at Kilima Ponds (Mirror Pond Ruins) at any time. You need to use a Worm as bait to catch the Kilima Catfish at the pond.

For the recipe, you need to cook Cream of Mushroom Soup which can be initiated by interacting with a Standard Stove. However, you will need a Standard Oven and a Prep Station as well to prepare the ingredients for the recipe. All the required ingredients to make the Cream of Mushroom Soup are the following.

  • 1x Any Mushroom
  • 1x Milk
  • 1x Spice Sprouts
  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Onion
  • 1x wild Garlic

Head to The Gardener

After getting all the required items, head to the Temple of the Roots to make your way to The Gardener. Enter the Temple and use the Flowstone Gates to reach The Gardener room. Speak with The Gardener to see what he thinks about these activities. He doesn’t seem to quite like fishing and cooking but he will be interested in some more activities.

Speak with the NPCs

Once you have spoken to The Gardener, leave the temple by using the Flowstone and speak to the following NPCs for more Oneness ideas.

  • Ashura
  • Auni
  • Badruu
  • Hassian
  • Tish

Open the map to find the villagers and then go and speak to them one by one.

Return to The Gardener

After speaking to all the NPCs, you need to go back to The Gardener to speak with him and select the “Gardening could be your new Oneness” option. Now, go through the dialogues, and then leave the temple to start finding an Acorn.

Grow an Acorn Tree

To grow an Acorn Tree, you need to first get an Acorn by cutting down the Large Spawood Trees in Kilima Valley. They are located just outside of the Housing Plot along the path. Cut down the trees to get an Acorn and then go to your Housing Plot area and plant it anywhere. Water the Acorn and wait for it to grow. You will have to water it daily until it grows.

Return to The Gardener

After growing the tree, go back to The Gardener in the Temple of the Roots and speak with him to conclude the quest.


Completing The Gardener’s New Oneness quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 10 Renown
  • 1x Temple of the Roots Tree

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