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South Park: Snow Day – How to Defeat Kyle: The Elf King



South Park: Snow Day - How to Defeat Kyle: The Elf King

South Park: Snow Day! follows a roguelike approach to its main story missions that players can complete either in a solo run with bots or with up to 3 friends. Each mission will have a unique boss at its end that players must defeat to progress and unlock the next chapter.

The first chapter, Stark’s Pond has Kyle as the final boss dressed as an Elf King. Kyle has various AOE attacks along with the ability to teleport himself around the fight area which makes him a difficult target to hit. However, this guide will help you tackle the attacks of Kyle: The Elf King and defeat him.

How to Defeat Kyle: The Elf King in South Park: Snow Day!

Reaching the Elven Kingdom will initiate the boss fight with Kyle: The Elf King. Defeating Kyle: The Elf King will require you to deal elemental damage to him so he takes damage overtime. Using the blades to inflict Bleeding, using the bow to cause poisoning, or using a BS card to strike meteorites on him will help you greatly in this fight.

Staying close to Kyle for long can be painful as he uses a staff strike attack that deals an immense amount of damage so, it is best to get a couple of hits in and then dodge away or fly away to shoot the arrows at him to deal poisoning damage to him. The spreading roots attack covers a lot of ground in the area so using your fart ability to fly up and then doing a dive attack on Kyle can also be devastating.

You can also keep your distance from him to use the bow to inflict damage on him as it will be more safer. Keep inflicting various elemental damages on Kyle to deplete his health swiftly.

However, defeating Kyle efficiently will also require you to understand all of his attacks and how to dodge them.

All Attacks of Kyle: The Elf King

Kyle: The Elf King uses four main attacks throughout the fight and every attack has its own dodge pattern that you can follow to take minimal damage throughout the fight.

  • Teleportation: Kyle will cover himself in roots and teleport to a new location.
    • Counter: Stay away from Kyle to not get hit by the roots.
  • Spreading Roots: Kyle will spawn roots throughout the area.
    • Counter: Dodge the red lines of roots before they spawn to not get hit by it. The best way to dodge is to use the Fart ability.
  • Roots AOE: Kyle will spawn several small patches of roots on the floor.
    • Counter: Dodge away from the red circle on the floor to not get hit by the vines when they appear.
  • Staff Strike: Kyle will swing the staff when staying close to him.
    • Counter: Hit Kyle for a few hits and when you see him casting a purple light by raising his staff, dodge away from him.

Another tip for defeating Kyle in this boss fight is to be quick on your healing totem. If you are taking a lot of damage or one of your party members, place down the totem to get back some of the HP and start shooting the arrows or hitting Kyle to fill the Pissed Off meter to use your abilities frequently.

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