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South Park: Snow Day – How to Get Toilet Paper



South Park: Snow Day – How to Get Toilet Paper

Going on a roguelike adventure in the new South Park video game, South Park: Snow Day! will require you to build the New Kid (your character) with a primary weapon along with two Powers to achieve success in the runs. However, the ability of the weapons and Powers can prove to be insufficient against the multiple waves of Elves (enemies).

Fortunately, the game includes an upgrade system which is done through Upgrade Cards which allows you to enhance the abilities of your weapons and powers or even level up the cards at a cost of Toilet Paper. Toilet Paper or TP is the primary currency in South Park: Snow Day! which players will be able to get through various means and this guide will highlight all of them.

How to Get Toilet Paper in South Park: Snow Day!

A heavy Snow Day in South Park has caused a lot of trouble and one of the crucial ones is the supply of Toilet Paper. Everybody in town is hunting for Toilet Paper as it has become more valuable than real money. Throughout each mission in South Park: Snow Day,  players will be able to gather a great amount of Toilet Paper through the following means.

  • Breaking the Trash Cans
  • Breaking the Carton Boxes
  • Opening the Chests
  • Defeating the Enemies
  • Completing the Objectives
  • Getting a respective card upgrade from Henrietta

While progressing through each area of a mission, players will get to encounter several enemies. It is best to defeat every Elf before moving ahead as each enemy can drop a certain amount of TP. When going to new places, always search the areas for any boxes, trash cans, or chests to break them open to find extra TP.

Throughout each mission, you will get to meet Henrietta at least once who offers the Dark Ritual Cards. If you are lucky, she might offer a Card that offers a certain amount of TP. If you think you need more TP then feel free to choose the respective card.

What is Toilet Paper Used For in South Park: Snow Day!

The usage of Toilet Paper in South Par: Snow Day is to either promote the rarity of the available Upgrade Cards or Reshuffle them while interacting with Jimmy at the Upgrade Cards screen menu. You will get to interact with Jimmy multiple times throughout each mission and every time, you will be able to promote a rarity of an Upgrade Card or reshuffle them to either get better upgrade cards or worse.

Promoting an Upgrade Card will cost a certain amount of TP depending on the rarity of the card. However, reshuffling the available Upgrade Cards will always cost 75 TP.

Another thing worth mentioning is that after completing every mission, your TP will be set to 0 automatically, so you don’t get to keep or save TP from previous runs. You always have to gather TP in each run and use it in the current run to upgrade the abilities of your weapons and Powers.

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