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South Park: Snow Day – How the Card System Works & What Are the Upgrade Cards



South Park: Snow Day – How the Card System Works & What Are the Upgrade Cards

South Park: Snow Day! is a new roguelike action-adventure video game that takes a bit different approach from the previous RPGs of South Park. The gameplay design of the game is completely different and it follows a mission-based path to let players pursue the story either solo or in a co-op multiplayer experience with up to 3 more players.

During this new adventure experience, players will be introduced to a Card system that acts as a power system for their character and will frequently meet Jimmy throughout each mission who will provide them with various upgrades respective to the equipped cards. The card system is a core mechanic of the game and it is best to understand it well to make better decisions in each run to achieve success, and this guide will highlight everything regarding it.

How the Card System Works in South Park: Snow Day!

The Cards are the New Kid’s (your character) Powers which Jimmy grants throughout the missions. You can hold up to two Cards at a time and use them at the cost of some portion of your “Pissed Off Meter”. The Pissed Off Meter charges as you deal damage to the enemies and take damage from them.

What Are Upgrade Cards

However, not all Cards are Powers as there are Upgrade Cards that are presented to you by Jimmy more often in the missions. These Upgrade Cards improve the abilities of your equipped Cards (Powers). All the presented Upgrade Cards by Jimmy are related to your equipped Cards and the upgrades will be of different rarity – from Common to Legendary.

Jimmy will offer the various rarities of Upgrade Cards to you for you to get an upgrade but if you spend TP (Toilet Paper) currency, he will either increase the level of the presented cards or reshuffle them. However, equipping any upgrade will not cost you any sort of currency so getting a free upgrade multiple times is good but it can also come in handy to seek out better upgrades.

In addition to the Upgrade Cards, another type of Card that will be introduced to you at the start of the first mission is “Bullshit Cards”. These cards hold immaculate powers and only have limited uses to them. At the start of each adventure, you will get to select a Bullshit Card for your run which then you can use by holding a respective button.

Furthermore, you will also meet Henrietta at least once in every mission who will offer you Dark Ritual Cards. These Cards are the same as the Upgrade Cards that improve the abilities of your equipped cards to some extent or grant a certain item like DM (Dark Matter) currency. However, some of the Ritual Card Upgrades might impact one of your upgrade cards so choose carefully if you wish to get an upgrade from her.

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