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South Park: Snow Day – How to Get Dark Matter



South Park: Snow Day – How to Get Dark Matter

South Park: Snow Day! offers multiple in-game currencies that are used for certain purposes including getting high-rarity Upgrade Cards from Jimmy to upgrade weapons and Powers abilities, improving the New Kid’s (your character) potential, and unlocking more cosmetics. One of the essential purposes is definitely increasing your character’s potential but it costs you a currency named Dark Matter.

Dark Matter or DM is obtained through various means and it is more valuable than Toilet Paper (TP). Unlike Toilet Paper, you will not get Dark Matter from simply breaking objects like boxes or trash cans, and all the Dark Matter that you get in each run will be saved which then can be used for unlocking Perks to branch out in three different nourishments for your character.

How to Get Dark Matter in South Park: Snow Day!

The Dark Matter (DM) currency is mainly earned by progressing through the main objectives of the game along with finding certain environments like where a dark substance is sprayed over an area. It is a Dark Matter which can be gathered by interacting with the substance. However, these areas are limited in each mission but there are other following ways to get more Dark Matter in each mission.

  • Defeat Harder Enemies and Bosses
  • Open the Purple Chests

Getting Dark Matter through defeating the harder enemies and bosses is probably one of the main methods. In each mission, several harder enemies will attack you during the multiple waves stage. You need to utilize your Powers or even your Bullshit Card to take care of the enemies to get all the Dark Matter from them. Similarly, bosses at the end of each mission will also drop a decent amount of Dark Matter.

Additionally, there are a few Purple Chests lying around the mission paths. Find and loot them to get extra Dark Matter. The Dark Matter always drops in the shape of a can when dropped from chests or enemies so, make sure to walk over the cans to grab the Dark Matter.

What is the Dark Matter (DM) Used For in South Park: Snow Day!

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the DM currency is used for unlocking Perks for your character. The Perks are accessed through the “My Perks” tab in the menu and it is initially introduced by speaking with Mr. Hankey at Kupa Keep after the first chapter. Mr. Hankey can be found at the Porta-Potty located left of the Bazaar.

Go and speak with Mr. Hankey to start utilizing the DM to unlock Perks for your character. There are three main branches in which you can unlock perks for your character, Health, Energy, and Output Damage. Unlocking any perk of any branch for the very first time will cost you only 1 DM but for further unlocks, it will increase to 50 and so on.

So, keep your eyes peeled for this valuable resource as it will allow you to increase the permanent potential of your character for all the main missions.

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