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South Park: Snow Day – Chapter 3 – The Tests of Strength Walkthrough



South Park: Snow Day – Chapter 3 – The Tests of Strength Walkthrough

Completing the second chapter, Near Main Street will unlock the third chapter at War Table in Kupa Keep where players will be able to begin either solo or with up to 3 of their friends. This guide will walk you through the third chapter, The Tests of Strength in South Park: Snow Day.

Chapter 3 – The Tests of Strength Walkthrough

Initiate the chapter by going to the Roundtable in Kupa Keep and selecting the third chapter. Walk to the Kupa Keep Gate on the right side past the Armory to begin the chapter. After the cutscene, select an Upgrade Card and a Bullshit Card to start the chapter.

Steal the Forbidden Manuscripts

Upon selecting the cards for the chapter, leave through the gate ahead to reach the first feat of strength. Here, you will get the objective to grab the magazines outside of the sewer tunnel. Go ahead and interact with the magazines to grab them. As soon as you grab the magazines, it will initiate a cutscene of a monster truck chasing you.

You need to run ahead through the gates by defeating all the enemies in the areas to unlock the gates. There are three locked gates in total that you need to unlock throughout the run sequence. To do so, you need to defeat all of the enemies in the area and interact with the gates to unlock them. As you pass through the final gate, you will get the objective to turn on the generators.

There will be three generators scattered around the area that you need to start by holding the interaction button. Upon starting all the generators, the monster truck will get caught by a crane. Now, go to the gate ahead and interact with the port-o-potty next to Jimmy. After that, interact with Jimmy to choose an Upgrade Card.

Speak to Ned and Jimbo

Go through the gate ahead and then make your way to Jimbo’s Guns Store. As you reach the crowd, a cutscene will start in which Ned and Jimbo will give you a quest to complete.

Gather the Sacred Items

Ned and Jimbo will tell you to gather three items for them, a Sports Drink, Chinpokomon Cards, and a Box of CDs. All of the items are located in the same area but you have to grab and deliver the item one by one. First, you will have to get the Sports Drink, then the Chinpokomon Cards, and then the box of CDs at the end.

While going for each item, you will be ambushed by the enemies which will keep coming. Clear the area where the item is to safely pick up the item and then deliver it back to the store. If you are playing with friends, then let one of your friends pick up the item and you can protect him by taking out all of the enemies along the way to the store.

After bringing all the required items to the store, Ned and Jimbo will allow you to interact with the port-o-potty to get yourself the second feat of strength. Now, make your way to the next gate and interact with Jimmy to get an upgrade card.

Reach Stan

Make your way through the next gate and you will get the objective to find your way to Stan by going through the rest of the downtown. Stan will be at the playground which you can reach by climbing to the top of the theatre. Jump down to the theatre and make your way up behind the billboard to find the platforms to reach the top of the theatre.

As you make your way up, you will be ambushed by the enemies so make sure to take care of them. The rooftop of the theatre will also be crowded with enemies that you must take out in order to unlock the locked door ahead. Jump down from the hole and go to the left side to use the catapult to break through the screen.

Defeat the enemies ahead and make your way out of the Exit door to reach the last defense of Stan. Here, you need to use the Canon to destroy the ice wall. There will be cannonballs hidden around the area that you need to pick up and bring to the canon to shoot the wall. Once you have broken the wall, go ahead and interact with Jimmy to get an upgrade card. Now, walk through the gate to reach the Playground.

Defeat Stan

Defeating Stan will first require you to break his shield. To do so, you need to use the canons in the area and fill them up with the cannonballs scattered around the playground. Pick up the cannonball and bring it to the canon to fill it up and then aim at the purple shield to shoot at it to break the shield. You need to shoot the shield three times to move on to the real phase of the boss fight.

After taking out the shield of Stan, he will come down and you will get to engage in a boss fight with him. Stan uses several melee attacks along with AOE and Projectile attacks that all deal a great amount of damage. The melee attacks can easily be tackled by rolling to the opposite side and then hitting him with your own combo.

For the AOE attacks, he will jump to create shockwaves that you can jump over or roll ahead to dodge. However, it is easier to dodge if you use the fart ability and when he stops, you can dive into him to deal damage to him. Additionally, you can use the saved-up BS card to deal an immense amount of damage to him.

Upon depleting two bars of health, Randy will join in the fight and will control the canons to shoot cannonballs at you. However, if you keep your focus on Stan with your abilities, you will be able to defeat him in no time.

Return to Kupa Keep

After defeating Stan, go to the next gate to reach Kupa Keep. It will start a cutscene and at the end of the cutscene, the chapter will be concluded.

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