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Palia: How to Complete the A Device in the Hand Quest



Palia: How to Complete the A Device in the Hand Quest

A Device in the Hand is a found item quest in Palia that players can initiate by finding and picking up a Small Handheld Device. The Small Handheld Device is found outside of the Temple of the Waves entrance door in the Phoenix Falls area in Kilima Valley.

Completing the A Device in the Hand quest will require various steps and this guide will provide you information on how to complete each one of them.

How to Complete the A Device in the Hand Quest in Palia

Upon finding the A Small Handheld Device, it will initiate the A Device in the Hand quest requiring you to go and speak with Reth. Open the map to find Reth and then go and speak with him about your finding. Go through the dialogues and you will get the objective to gather two materials including a Palium bar and a Glass Pane.

Gather the Required Materials

The required materials for this quest are all the refined materials that can only be crafted in their respective crafting station. To get the Palium Bar, interact with the Basic Smelter to craft it using 5x Palium Ore. For the Glass Pane, interact with the Glass Furnace to craft it using the 10x Stone.

Return to Reth

After getting all the required materials, go back to Reth and he will tell you to plant it somewhere in Underground where Zeki will think he lost it. Go through the dialogues with him and then make your way to the Underground.

Hide the Device or Return it to Zeki

Upon reaching the Underground, you will have two options here. You can either hide the device or you can speak with Zeki to turn it in. To hide the device, go up to the ramp past Reth’s Shop and you will see a spot where you can leave the device and it will conclude the quest.

To turn in the device, you have to speak with Zeki and go through the dialogues to conclude the quest.  


Completing the A Device in the Hand will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 1x Akwinduu Chapaa (Star Quality)
  • 1x Delaila’s Peach Cake (Star Quality)
  • 1x Sushi (Star Quality)

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