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Lost Ark: Yay, Pet Ranch! Quest



Lost Ark: Yay, Pet Ranch! Quest

The new Pet Ranch location is in your Stronghold but to open the Pet Ranch, you’ll have to complete a quest named “Yay, Pet Ranch!”. After completing the quest, the Pet Ranch will unlock and you’ll see a lot of vendors around the Pet Ranch.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the “Yay, Pet Ranch!” quest in Lost Ark.

Yay, Pet Ranch! Quest

Before you start this quest, it is important to know that you have level 15 and your farm in your stronghold because only then you’ll be able to unlock the Pet Ranch if have level 15. Once you are level 15, you need to go and talk to Aiden at Stronghold near the gate. Talk to Aiden and select the quest named “Yay, Pet Ranch!”, Your character will accept the quest and now you have to talk to an NPC named Dispatched Chromarong.

Lost Ark: Yay, Pet Ranch! Quest

You can find Dispatched Chromarong in Stronghold’s Farm. So, go to Stronghold’s Farm and go to the location of the quest on the map. Talk with Dispatched Chromarong and select the dialogues on the screen and you’ll get a Notice from Vern Magick Society. Read the Notice and then talk with Dispatched Chromarong again. Select the dialogues on the screen and after the conversation, Pet Ranch will be unlocked and you’ll see different vendors outside the Pet Ranch.

Once Pet Ranch is unlocked, you’ll get the Quest Complete window and you’ll get the following rewards.

  • 1340 Roster XP
  • 1000x Jam Cookie
  • 15x Pet Expertise Potion

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