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Rune Factory 5: How to unlock Double Bed for Marriage



Rune Factory 5: How to unlock Double Bed for Marriage

Rune Factory 5 being the big open Lifestyle RPG it is has a variety of features that relate to real life. One of which is the Double Bed Furniture item, as you will require the Double Bed in real for you and your partner. Just like that, in Rune Factory 5 you will also be required to have a Double Bed if you want to marry many of the NPC marriage candidates.

If you want to marry any NPC marriage candidates and then come to live with you in your house you will require a Double Bed. When your relationship level has leveled up enough to reach the marriage stage with your desired character, you will need a Double bed before marriage and are required for them to move into your house. You don’t have to worry about the double bed if your relationship level with the character is new. You have to focus on leveling up the relationship with the character first and then you can get the double bed upgrade when the marriage stage is available.

You are required to get the third expansion of the Rigbarth Outpost which is the SEED outpost and your home. SEED is the organization that protects the peace of the town of Rigbarth. You will need Rigbarth Outpost upgrade to get the Double bed.

Prepare for Marriage

You will get the quest for the third expansion for the Rigbarth Outpost, the quest is called “Prepare for Marriage”. You will get two items from this quest that are of course the Double bed and the Engagement Ring. You have to accept the quest and you need to go to Studio Palmo. All shop and outpost expansions are available at Studio Palmo. You need to talk to Palmo and he will require some resources in order to get you the Double bed.


You need 30,000G, 40 Stones, and 80 Lumber resources for the Rigbarth Outpost third expansion.

When you’ve all the resources talk again to palmo and select the expansion upgrade and he will make the Double bed for you. Now, you can marry your desired character and they will move in your house.

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