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Rune Factory 5: Where to find Pike fish in the town of Rigbarth



Rune Factory 5: Where to find Pike fish in the town of Rigbarth

Fishing has always been a useful feature in the Rune Factory franchise before and is also very useful in Rune Factory 5. Being the great Lifestyle RPG Rune Factory 5 is, you can do fishing to your need. If you’re bored you can go on fishing to spend your time. You can do fishing in order to get some rare fish from the ponds of the town of Rigbarth. The choice is yours; you can catch the fish from fishing and make your favorite recipe from it.

Pike fish is famous for its slim and long body. Pike also has really good nutrients. You can also catch pike and craft a few cooking items from it.

Cooking items

You can make Two cooking items where Pike is an ingredient. Here are the cooking items you can craft with pike.

  • Pike Sashimi
  • Salted Pike

As far as, you’re concerned with the fishing rod you will receive the fishing rod at the very start of the game as you progress in the storyline. You will get the fishing rod as a reward. You can also upgrade your rod to attract more fish and the more the rarity of your rod, you will attract more rare fish. You can catch the fish and they can be cooked, shipped, or given to an NPC as a gift. You can also request a certain kind of fish at the General Store.

Ponds in the town of Rigbarth

Pike is mainly found in the Town of Rigbarth, it’s rare but you can also find it in some nearby areas as well. Pike can be found in the Autumn season. You can go to the biggest pond in the town of Rigbarth called the Pond of Hope which is the best place to catch Pike fish. Pike fish is not extremely rare and it will be quite easier for you to find but it’s seasonal fish. So, you can find and catch Pike a lot in the Autumn season.

Rune Factory 5: Where to find Pike fish in the town of Rigbarth

Pond of Hope is to the west of Blue Moon and you will find a waterfall right next to the pond. You cannot miss it’s literally the biggest pond in the whole game. You can get to this pond and you can fish there you can watch out for small and long shadowy fish there and do your fishing there. As Pike is a slim small but long fish.

Other Ponds

You can also try and fish for Pike in nearby areas of Rigbarth, you can go to Phoros Woodlands. There is a pond there, you can fish there and test your luck to find a Pike there. It’s rare but you can find Pike there too. You can also check in the First Floor of Meline Crystal Caverns, there is a small pond there as well, you can try there too. There is a pond in Kelve Volcanic Region, the pond is just through the entrance but you can find Pikes there.

General Store

You can also buy Pike from the General store, after you’ve done your first upgrade from Palmo on the general store you will be able to buy fish from there. There is an NPC named Hina there you can go and talk to her; you can buy different Fish from her. You can get Pike from Hina, Pike will cost 240G and you can also sell it for 12G.

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