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Rune Factory 5: How to Unlock Cooking Skill and new Cooking Recipes



Rune Factory 5: How to Unlock Cooking Skill and new Cooking Recipes

In Rune Factory 5 there are a lot of skills that you have to upgrade so you can do more things in the game as well as you get more items. In all of the skills, cooking skill is also very important as you get to learn new recipes with it which is very beneficial for you. But cooking skills cannot be leveled up until you have the ability to cook.

Unlock Cooking Skill

In order to get the cooking skill, you have to pass the license test of cooking. Once you’ve passed the test you get a cooking station, where you can cook various recipes.

To pass the license test you have to go to Rigbarth’s Outpost and talk to Saint Eliza. Then choose a license for cooking. There’ll be two licenses that you can choose from, one will be a Culinary License Test and the other will be a Pro Cooking license test. Since you want to unlock the skill, the culinary license test would be best for you. It will cost you 200P. You’ll just have to answer some very basic questions and you’ll get the license. Now to get your cooking station, go to Studio Palmo, and with the license you have just got you’ll be able to get the cooking station.

The Pro Cooking License test is for advancing your cooking skills so, you can come back later and get that license also. That license will cost you 500P.

Cooking Recipes

When you get your cooking station you can learn different recipes through two methods. One is by mixing and combining different ingredients together. The other method is just to eat the type of bread which you want to learn the recipes. So, if you eat the cooking bread, you’ll learn more cooking recipes. It’s a more efficient way to learn the recipes. If you learn by mixing and combining, you’ll make so many failed dishes but it will increase the percentage of your cooking skill. So, both of the ways are recommended to their own advantage.

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