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Rune Factory 5: Unlocking the Ludmila’s Flower Shop



Rune Factory 5: Unlocking the Ludmila’s Flower Shop

Rune Factory 5 has an in-depth crop farming system in this vast sandbox-style RPG. Farming crops is a major part of the game, continuing to farm your favorite crops to make money and gather items for food, cooking, and crafting. Rune Factory 5 also has a Flower Shop named Flowerstruck which is run by Ludmila.

You can explore the town of Rigbarth in order to get yourself various seeds and items to start farming. You will not unlock the Flower Shop right in the start of the game. As you progress in the game and when you will start to get the hang of crop farming mechanics, you will get an addition other than General store and you will unlock Flower Shop.

Flower Shop is really helpful, you can find Flower seeds in the town of Rigbarth as well but you will have to grind really hard for them as these seeds are rare items. Your rare seeds farming problem will be solved once, you’ve unlocked the Ludmila’s Flower shop.

Unlocking the Ludmila’s Flower Shop

You will have to progress in the main storyline to get to the bandit king’s old base. After, you’ve completed the quest. You will be introduced to a new NPC Ludmila, who will move to the town of Rigbarth. You will unlock after doing some quests the Ludmila’s Flower shop. At the start you can only get a few items related to flowers and related to farming from Ludmila’s Flower shop.

The flower shop works similar to that of the General store in the town of Rigbarth but you can only get flower seeds there and a few farming items. You can unlock high rarity seeds in the Flower shop to upgrade your farming. You would have to level up your friendship with Ludmila to unlock new items to buy from her shop. You can frequently purchase flower seeds from Ludmila’s Flower shop to increase your friendship level with her.

Rune Factory 5: Unlocking the Ludmila’s Flower Shop

Flower Seed and Nutrients items

Flower seeds and special farming Nutrients are only available at Ludmila’s Flower shop, you cannot find them at the General store in the Rigbarth. Special farming shops increase the fertility of the soil and increase the quality of crops as well. But these are expensive items. The flower shop is really helpful, it also helps in making money. So, you should unlock it to upgrade your farming activities.

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