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Elden Ring: New Game+ and Things to do before starting NG+



Elden Ring: New Game+ and Things to do before starting NG+

Once you’ve completed the Elden Ring main story, you’ll get the option to Begin Journey 2, a new game+. You don’t have to start a new game+ straight away you can select No and you can continue on with your journey within your current game’s progression. You can begin journey 2 whenever you want just go to the Roundtable and select journey 2, you’ll start your new game+ journey which is more challenging and difficult enemies.

Elden Ring: New Game+ and Things to do before starting NG+

Things You Should Know

The Elden Ring New Game+ is not like any other game where you just have to repeat all of the same things again to finish the game. This is a way harder and more challenging mode which will require the best of you to get through this journey. There are some things that are changed in the new game+ mode, there are things that you’ll lose when you begin journey 2. You have to get prepared before starting a new game+

So basically, the first thing you should know is what are you going to take in your journey 2 and what things you’ll be going to lose when you start journey 2.

Things You’ll take in Journey 2

You’ll get to keep all of your Weapons, Armor, Talismans, Incantations, Flask levels, Sorceries, Summons, Ashes of Wars, Remembrance of all the bosses, Items that are used in crafting, and Gestures. You’ll get to keep all of your map progression in terms of areas discovered. You’ll have your Map Fragments as well.

Things You’ll take in Journey 2

Things You’ll Lose by Starting Journey 2

You’ll lose the Great Runes, Bell Bearings, Keys, Medallions, Sorcery Scrolls, and Prayer Books. You would not have any Sites of Grace to travel so you have to activate the sites again. You’ll lose all of your quest items as well. Of course, you have to start all of your journeys again so the main story progress is also lost.

Things You’ll Lose by Starting Journey 2

Things You Need to Do Before Starting Journey 2

Now since you got some idea on the New Game+ mode that once you start it there is no going back. So, why not continue for a little longer in your main journey and do some things before starting journey 2. There are so many things in Elden Ring that you can do as it has so enormous world and worlds within a world. If you want to begin your journey 2 you should get all of these things first as you can take some of them in your journey 2 as well.

Find all of the Map Fragments as it helps you in journey 2 to locate locations more precisely. Find all of the Golden Seeds to maximize the uses of jars. Get all Holy Tears to enhance the effectiveness of your vials. There is a total of 12 Holy Tears throughout the world. Locate as many Stone Sword Keys as you can. Get all the Crystal Tears so your Flask of Wondrous Physick can have maximum versatility. Get all 13 Unique Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones and also get Grim Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones which are 8 in total. Find all of the Great Grave Glovewort and Great Ghost Glovewort to upgrade the spirits of summons.

Farm Runes

Farm runes before starting journey 2 so you can upgrade your character attributes to the max possibility because it will not be easy in journey 2. Upgrade your inventory to the best because you’re going to need it.

Get Legendary Items

Before starting journey 2 you should get all the legendary items because they will help you a lot in the new game+. Legendary items contain Weapons, Armor, Talismans, Incantations, and Sorceries.

Complete Side Quests

Before moving on, you can complete the side quests around the world of the different NPCs you meet. The side quests will also give you different rewards and these quests will also have some side bosses in them. So, you can defeat them and get their loot.

You can also complete Dungeons around the world. To clear the dungeon, you have to kill the main boss in the dungeon and you can get his loot also.

You can do all of these things before starting journey 2 and the loot you will carry to the new game+ will make things a bit easier for you.

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