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Elden Ring: Best ways to farm Runes and getting Bow early game



Elden Ring: Best ways to farm Runes and getting Bow early game

Runes are the currency for your character. You use runes to go around the world of Elden Ring. You upgrade your character skills, stats and equipment with runes. Runes are also used at Merchant NPCs.

In this Guide, you’ll learn to how to get a decent amount of Runes in a certain time.

Third Church of Marika

You have to go to the Third Church of Marika in limb Grave. You have to follow the murky River and you’ll find a trail. You’ll find a portal to the end of the trail. You have to take that portal and teleport to the location.

Third Church of Marika

You’ll be teleported to the Greyoll’s Dragonbow. Now, you don’t have to go to the castle. You need to come down from the staircase and you’ll see a bridge in front of you. By side of the bridge, there is a Lost grace location. You have to use Lost Grace to make this your fast travel point.

dragonbow elden ring

You will find some enemies near the Greyoll’s Dragonbow. They look like they’re small and easy to kill. But they are really hard. If they see you and strike you they’ll most likely kill you in two hits. For this, you have to be really cautious and you have to go stealth mode. You have to sneak behind these enemies and do a takedown that will kill them in 1 or two hits.

fieldbow elden

Killing each of these enemies will give you 1000 Runes that are really good for killing a single enemy. You can kill these enemies and you can farm a lot of Runes. If you kill 10 enemies it will take you 3 to 5 minutes. You can do this run 10 to 15 times easily in an hour. You can kill 10 enemies get Runes, fast travel back to the lost grace point again, and kill the enemies. This will approximately grant you 150k Runes that are really good for the starting of the game.

Finding Bow Early Game

Finding Bow early game will help you a lot in the start making you better at battles. As you can go stealth mode and kill enemies easily without alarming them. This grind for the Bow is very helpful.

You have to go to the given location on the map to make you a way to a kind of beach area.

Finding Bow Early Game

You will go to this point under a big rocky shade. You will find a fire camp there, you have to go there and talk to the merchant NPC there.

You can go to the purchase and buy the bow from the Runes. The bow cost 600 Runes, you can purchase it easily and you’re good to go.

The bow is very useful for long-distance fights or stealth fights. You can also use fire fast arrows making you more mobile. You can also use the bow on your Steed. You can also buy the arrows from the same merchant.

bow item earlly

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