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Elden Ring: How to level up Attributes & Scaling



Elden Ring: How to level up Attributes & Scaling

The first thing that came in when we talk about Leveling Up is Character Selection (Class) because every class has its own stats which depends upon the characteristic of the class. You can choose one class of your choice at the beginning of the game

Attributes are those points by upgrading them affects the overall stat like Body, Attack Power, and Defense Power. For example, if you Level Up any of the Stats in attributes it will increase your other class stats that show you with Blue Highlighted stats.


Attributes Include

Vigor, Mind, Endurance, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane Which divide these Stats into two Categories:

  • Universal Stats
  • Damage Stats

Universal Stats

Vigor Increase your health which is your Red Bar also affects your Fire Resistance and Poison Immunity. It caps out 1400 in the network test.

Mind increase your blue bar which is your FP and also affects your Focus Related resistance. Leveling up the mind is important because it allows you to use weapon skills and spells as well as the few items like heavy Meteorite Fragment. The most amount of FP you can get is 450.

Endurance increases your stamina also affects your Defense power or Robustness. The maximum amount of Stamina you can have is 170.

Damage Stats

The strength required to wield heavy Armaments like giant Hammer and swords etc. Increases attack power and maximum equipment load.

Dexterity’s purpose is to increase your damage output on dexterity weapons and can be useful for magic builds. It also reduces your casting time on spells

Intelligence increases your damage output with sorcery spells also increases your magic resistance.

Faith is another magic leveling stat it will increase the amount of damage you with incantations as well as allows you to use certain incantations

The arcane purpose is to increase your discovery also affects your death resistance and certain sorceries and incantations.

Leveling UP & Scaling

Places of Graces

You can also level up attributes by visiting Places of Grace places such as Stranded Graveyard, Church of Elleh, The First Step, Groveside Cave, and GateFront.


You can also level up when you meet Melina because she has the ability to upgrade.


Scaling includes Weapons, Armor, Shield, etc. Scaling is the upgrading of any weapon or armor or anything that includes in your inventory by sacrificing other stats in the inventory. Means u can increase the damage of katana by decreasing the armor or shield stats.


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