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Elden Ring: Radagon of the Golden Order and Elden Beast, How to defeat



Elden Ring: Radagon of the Golden Order and Elden Beast, How to defeat

Radagon of the Golden Order and Elden Beast is the Final boss. Radagon is the first phase and Elden Beast is the second phase. Both have to defeat to finish the boss. Each of these has its abilities which you have to face during the fight. Follow the strategy differently in each phase.

Radagon of the golden order

This is the boss in Elden Ring. This is a tall, and broken skull god having a golden hammer in his right hand that upset the Elden Ring. This is not an optional boss as this is the first have of the final battle in Elden Ring.

How to find Radagon

As Radagon is the final boss in-game it does not have any specific location you need to defeat bosses before approaching this boss. You need to defeat the Hoarah Loux, Warrior.

Godfrey First Elden Lord

This is the boss in Elden Ring. This is the physical form of Godfrey, the First Lord of the Elden Ring. This is a boss with its summons having a big axe in his right hand.

Hoarah Loux, Warrior

Hoarah Loux, Warrior is a boss in Elden Ring only kind of its boss. After reaching half of the health Godfrey will drop his armor and kill his summon to become in the second phase.

How to Defeat

You must have to defeat this boss. This boss has multiple attacks. This boss has a big axe.

First Phase

Tosses his axe forward you can save yourself by rolling around. Triple axe combo swipes his axe left to right and then splash toward the right. Rolls his axe around and then smash the axe on the ground.

How to Defeat

Second Phase

In second this boss will kill his lion summon and create a new shape. The first attack he does is a long jump and splash on the ground and lightning fire will appear from the ground creating the distance from the boss. The next one is he will jump towards you catches you and tosses you in the air and then smashes you on the ground when he jumps towards you simply dodge by rolling towards the opposite side. He will wipe his hand left to right and smashes his hand on the ground and also kick you moves forward and get behind his back to attack. When you understand his attack pattern you can simply defeat him.

How to Defeat


This boss can be found in Leyndell, Ashen Capital. This is not an optional boss as players must defeat this boss to advance in Legacy Dungeons.


You will get a remembrance of the Horah Loux and 300000 Runes.

How to Defeat Radagon of the Golden Order (First Phase)

This is the first phase of the boss. He will attack with his spear-like lightning spear. He will through a large lightning spear towards you which will explode. Dodge to the right side to dodge the spear. He will also throw five lightning spears which will spread. He will also grab you and hit you several times with his hammer. When he will try to attack you wait for two seconds and then roll towards him to dodge. Also, splash with his hammer three times and then on the fourth time charges his hammer and then splash on the ground. Keep the distance dodge towards Redagon. After understanding all his patterns you can defeat him in the first Phase.

How to Defeat Radagon of the Golden Order (First Phase)

How to Defeat Elden Beast (Second Phase)

This is a boss in Elden Ring and the true form of Elden Ring. This boss is like a lightning Dragon acting as the vassal of the Greater Will. You will find this in Elden Thorne quickly after defeating Radagon of the Golden Order. This is the second phase of the boss.

How to Defeat Elden Beast (Second Phase)

As this is the boss so have multiple attacks. Slams his hand, Swims away, and comes with a long sword. Fly in the air and create Elden Ring in the sky and create a circle that will chase you and explode. Runs outside the circle and creates distance from the circle. Through Fire stars which will chase you down roll on each side to save from the attack. Through fire from his mouth for about 2 to 3 secs which will spread.


After you defeat this boss you will receive Elden Remembrance and 500000 Runes as a reward.

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