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Elden Ring: Fire Giant



Elden Ring: Fire Giant

Fire Giant is a boss in Elden Ring. He is the last survivor of the war against the giants. This boss is a massive human type large boss with a human face on his chest. This is not an optional boss. You must have to defeat this boss to keep progress in the Forge of the Giants.

Elden Ring: Fire Giant


This Boss can be found in Mountains of the Giants. Closest site of grace. You will see him after taking the portal or door.

Elden Ring: Fire Giant

How to Defeat

This is a giant boss with a big silver color shield in his right hand. This is one of the powerful bosses in Elden Ring. You need to level up to 84 to defeat this boss. Fire Giant will use his shield to give you damage. He can throw fireballs and make flames appears from the ground.

First Phase

At first, he will use his shield to throw snow at you. Roll toward the right to avoid the attack. Then he jumps in the air and slams his shield in on the ground. When he jumps get behind the boss to avoid. He will stomp his foot on the ground as he moves his foot dodge him toward the opposite direction the foot to avoid the attack.

How to Defeat

The best way to defeat this boss after every attack he does get underneath him and attack his feet because this is the weak point of this boss.

After you break his feet. He can’t walk further. He will fight on the ground which will make the fight easier. You can get behind his back and attack him easily. Also, attack rotation will change. He will roll around his body keep some distance to avoid the attack.

Fire Giant

Second Phase

After half of his health, he will change multiple attacks like fire orb which will create at his hands, and attacks towards you like a firebomb move towards the opposite direction of the fire to save yourself. He also does fire splashes when he slams on the ground and fire will spread like giant drops of rain.

Elden Ring: Fire Giant

One of the best strategies you can follow to defeat this is to make the boss follow towards the hill corner. He will fall on the ground gives a lot of damage to the boss. Which will make your fight easier. This is the easiest one to defeat the boss. Do this multiple times and you will be done.


As you defeat this boss you will be rewarded by Remembrance of the Fire Giant and 180000 Runes.

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