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Elden Ring: Sprinting



Elden Ring: Sprinting

Like its predecessors, Elden Ring gives players the ability to run faster/sprint. It means traveling faster than the player’s normal speed. Sprinting is useful in the following ways in Elden Ring:

  • Evading the enemies.
  • Escaping the traps.
  • Helpful in strategic fighting against bosses.
  • Moving quickly from one place to another.
  • Increases your Jump Range.

You can also use your horse Torrent to travel faster in the game but in the case of escaping enemies and indoor battles sprinting is a better option as compared to Torrent. You can use sprinting to distance yourself from the enemy giving you the time to think and implement a better strategy to defeat them.

How to Sprint

Sprinting is a bit different in Elden Ring as the same key i.e O in Playstation/ B button in Xbox is used for dodging, sprinting and jumping backwards. Now to sprint, you have to keep holding the respective button while moving. If you press it once while standing still player will jump backwards and if you press it once while moving the player will dodge. All these three mechanisms are very important depending on the given situation and the encounter. So if you want to sprint you have to hold the button while the player is on move. As you release the button the player stops running and it allows your Stamina bar to refill.

Note: You can also use Sprinting while you are on Torrent giving a great boost of speed while travelling. However, you cannot use your gear at full speed.

Relation with Stamina

stamina elden ring

Here Elden Ring provides something different from its predecessors. Unlike previous games, your stamina does not deplete when you are sprinting in the open world. It means you can sprint as long as you want without worrying about your Stamina depleting. However, your Stamina does get depleted while you sprint during the battle thus making you use it wisely during the battles.

Also, remember that your Equipment load affects your sprinting. A light load of equipment is faster and uses less stamina as compared to the medium and heavy equipment loads. If your Equipment Load exceeds 100% you won’t be able to sprint.

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