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Elden Ring: Thops Questline: Find an extra Glimstone key



Elden Ring: Thops Questline: Find an extra Glimstone key

For the Thops Questline first, you need to find Thops. You can find Thops in the Church of Irith which is located in Liurnia region. You can go to Lake Facing Cliffs, from there you can go a little bit west and you’ll find the Church of Irith. You can head inside the Church of Irith, there is a statue on the right side beside the statue there is a man called Thops sitting on a bench.

Elden Ring: Thops Questline: Find an extra Glimstone key

Thops was a sorcerer and he studied Glimstone Sorceries when the Library of Raya Lucaria was open. You have to talk to Thops and he will tell you how he got lost when the Library of Raya Lucaria got sealed.

Help Thops

In your conversation with Thops, he will ask you for some runes and that he will tell you secrets about Raya Lucaria Academy. Thops will tell you that you need a Glimstone key to break the Sealed doors of Raya Lucaria Academy.

An option will appear to donate 10 runes to Thops, accept to donate 10 runes. Thops will tell you about a hidden Glimstone key inside the Raya Lucaria Academy but you also require a key to enter the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Elden Ring: Thops Questline: Find an extra Glimstone key

Hidden Glimstone key in Academy

Once, You’ve unlocked the Raya Lucaria Academy. You need to go the Debate parlor, from there you need to head out into the courtyard. You have to get up the stairs on the left side of the courtyard, there are Sorcerer enemies there you would have to fight them on your way. There is a doorway bridge taking you to the other side of the Academy. To the left of doorway you have to jump down from the ledge, to another staircase and move up that staircase.

You have to now jump over the rooftops from the staircase. There will be few enemies fight them and there is a ladder to the right building, you need to climb up that ladder. Once, you’ve climbed up the ladder you need to cross the rooftop fight a few Sorcerer enemies. You have to take the right from the ledge and jump down on the three buildings below. You will see a ledge, you need to jump on that ledge and you’ll see a big Academy building in front of you. Now you’ve to jump on to the rooftop of the big building.

There is a window open to the big building, jump over the window to get in. Once, you’re inside the building. You have to get over the ceiling path and there are chandeliers below you. There is a chandelier with a dead body that has a item, it will be glowing. You need to jump down on the chandelier with the dead body and pick up the item. You’ll receive the hidden and the second Academy Glimstone key.

Giving Thops Glimstone key

Once, you’ve acquired the second Glimstone key. You need to go back to the Church of Irith near the Lake Facing Cliffs. Go and talk to Thops in Church of Irith to give him the Academy Glimstone key. He will tell you that he’s very thankful and that he can resume his sorcery studies at the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Meeting Thops at Academy

You can go and meet Thops at the Academy by making your way to the Schoolhouse Classroom which is next to the Debate Parlor.

Meeting Thops at Academy

You have to get outside the Classroom where is the study table of Thops and you’ll find that Thops is sitting on his chair but he died. You can go to his body their and pick up the items.

Thops Items

Thops dead body outside the classroom will give you the following items:

  • Thop’s Bell Bearing
  • Academy Glimstone Staff
  • Thop’s Barrier (magic spell)

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