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Elden Ring: Where to find and defeat Starscourage Radahn



Elden Ring: Where to find and defeat Starscourage Radhan

Starscourage radahn is one of the main bosses for Ronnie’s Main Quest. You’ll have to go to Seluvis first. He will give you an introductory letter that will tell you that you need to meet a Sorceress. You will find the Sorceress at the Waypoint Ruin cellar. You have to talk to her and she’ll tell you that you have to first defeat the boss Radahn.

You can find him in Caelid. So, you need to go to Camelid at the given location on the map. In this desert area with a huge storm, You’ll face Starscourage radahn. He is one of the most versatile and spectacular bosses in the game.

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Getting to Starscourage Radahn

You can watch the limgrave map, You have to keep on going east there will be bridges that you’ll have to cross to reach the location. At last, You’ll reach the reddish desert area of the world. You’ll see that the boss area has a lot of enemies surrounding it. The desert area is also surrounded by mountains landscape from the side.

There is a portal next to the bridge that is going towards the castle. You can also take the teleport to directly go inside the castle. Inside the castle, there are a group of soldiers that are preparing for the war against Starscourage Radahn. You have to talk to their leader and he will explain to you their war against the Radahn. You have to up to the castle find the leader and you have to accept his cause to help him fight the Radahn.

After you’ve accepted the fight, you have to make your way through the chapel in the castle. You will take the elevator to descend in and there is a teleport you can use. You just need to take the teleport and it will take you to the Reddish desert battlefield where is Starscourage Radahn will appear.

Fighting Starscourage Radahn

There are a lot of golden summon signs. You have to summon them before going close to fight the radahn boss. Radahn will throw fireballs at you while you’re summoning the allies. If these allies’ soldiers die you can also resummon them to help you in a fight.

Fighting Starscourage Radhan

Fight phase -1

As soon as you start moving towards Radahn, he will fire a bunch of arrows that will make like a train of arrows coming towards you. The tactic you can do is to do rolls. After that, Radahn will start using his very dangerous gravity attacks. And you have to counter-attack him after dodging his gravity attacks. You can do this and take him to half health.

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Fight Phase -2

After Radahn lost his half health, he’ll jump into the sky, and then he’ll come back again like a Fire Astroid from the sky. After his half health, he’ll only use his Gravity attacks. Radahn also gets meteors besides him in the second phase of the fight you have to be careful of the Meteors. You’ll have to very carefully backstab Radahn. Using this tactic and summoning ally soldiers. You can also use your spells and mix them with your Attack and try to attack him while he’s not doing his combo. This way you can defeat him in the second phase of the fight.
Once he’s defeated there will be a cutscene where there will be a star falling from the sky it will fall near Far Haight West. You’ll also get your rewards for defeating the Starscourage Radahn.

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