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Elden Ring: Where to find and how to defeat Tree Sentinel



Elden Ring: Where to find and how to defeat Tree Sentinel

Tree Sentinel is a Boss in Elden Ring. This is the first Boss you will fight after the tutorial. Tree Sentinel is equipped with a golden armor shield and a big long axe while riding on a horse. Sentinel was a part of the Closed Network Test.


After the tutorial boss, you can find this boss in Limgrave north from the first site of grace.

Tree boss location

How to Defeat: Abilities & Attacks

The Boss happens close to the Church of Elleh in an open field. Tree Sentinel has different attacks. During the first phase of the fight, the boss will use his axe and slide to attack you which you can easily dodge and use his attack against him. When he attacks you simply slide forward which will make his horse slide and pushes you behind his back. One thing you will notice is that this boss will guard his left side having the shield as his weak side. You can simply beat him in the first phase.

How to Defeat: Abilities & Attacks

Second Phase

The second phase will begin when you will decrease his HP to about 60 percent. It’s a little difficult to approach his left side in the second phase as he uses jump and then splashes also rolls the horse which makes it a little difficult. At this point, you have to simply dodge and attack his back to give him damage. This will make the fight so much easier. If you level up a little bit and summon the horse it will make the fight much easier.


After defeating the boss you will be rewarded with 3200 runes and a Golden Halberd. You can raise the Halberd and pledge your honor near Erd Tree and nearby allies which will increase your attack power and defense.


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