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Fall Guys reveals the inside of the characters, showing their skeleton



Fall Guys reveals the inside of the characters, showing their skeleton

This is the official Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout story, it can’t be reversed.

After a time of speculation, deliberation, and imaginations, the official Twitter account of fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has fulfilled the wishes of many players: to be able to see the inside of the characters. And since they asked so much to know all this, the account itself states that this is already official.

This has been created thanks to the concept artist of the game tudormorris, who, through his account of Instagram has posted the images of the characters with a text that begins by saying: “sometimes I like To spoil good things, and see me working on Fall Guys -and what I like to speculate about anatomy, I thought I’d post some artworks for you all.”

Next to the publication, you can read some more official data of these characters. For example, it has been published alongside a human model to be able to see it on a scale, so that this shows-in his words – that the Fall Guys measure around 183cm with respect to a human.

Other things that have confirmed is that they are happy, you just have to look them directly in the eyes to check it. And, again, they claim that this cannot be reversed. The artist himself states that ” there are two options for interpretation, but refuses to comment further.”

On the one hand, you may think that this was done at lunchtime, it makes no sense and is a joke. While, on the other hand, it is a canonical representation of what is inside a Fall Guy, they knew from the beginning that they were not used to sell the player and that is why they hid it inside these adorable costumes.

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