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Farming simulator gets competition from space with Moon Farming



Farming simulator gets competition from space with Moon Farming

Don’t worry, Farming Simulator 22 is not attacked by aliens. At least not that we knew. Rather, the Moon Farming simulation wants to shoot a few players into space who have already farmed everything on earth. Or ideally, inspire a few newcomers to the subgenre.

You can already try a demo of Moon Farming on Steam. The release of the Prologue version, which makes the beginning of the game available, will follow on January 6th. The complete version should appear sometime in 2022. Developers SimulaM and Publisher Playway are still keeping a low profile on prices.

That’s what moon farming is all about

For a quick overview of the features of Moon Farming, we recommend the cinematic trailer, which even contains a reference to Elon Musk’s Cybertruck and the cryptocurrency DogeCoin, whose self-declared goal is the moon:

Basenbau: Simply stick a few carrots in the moondust, it doesn’t work. First, you have to stamp a base out of the inhospitable ground. And of course, it doesn’t just devour resources like iron that you knock out of the moon rock with your pickaxe. The essential supplies must also be ensured.

Energy and oxygen supply: So that the light comes on and you don’t run out of air, you need solar cells and oxygen to breathe. So there are also survival mechanics in Moon Farming.

Vertical agriculture: The important future topic should of course not be missing in a futuristic farm game. Since space is limited in safe indoor spaces, you build nutrient pools for your crops vertically. So you stack the plants. You also need to manage their water supply.

Open-world exploration: The barren lunar landscape in Moon Farming is extensive. It’s good that you can use a rover and a cybertruck to cover long distances. And the vehicle is not reminiscent of Elon Musk’s electric street toaster by chance, but even creates a direct reference to the DogeCoin logo. Musk has already helped the meme cryptocurrency to make strong gains several times.

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